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Jul 21
All You Need To Know About NEET-UG

All You NeeD To Know About NEET-UG is the only entrance test in India for the future medical aspirants who want to pursue their career as a doctor. There are around 10.41 lakh doctors in India! Don’t worry, there is only around 1 doctor for every 1800 people in India, which means we need more doctors to […]

Jul 13
Top Arts Junior Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and it is home to many best Junior Colleges of Maharastra State. The Junior colleges provide you with a strong foundation for higher education. It is very important you choose the subjects and junior colleges to have a better higher education. Here is an article on Junior colleges […]

Apr 29
10 tips if you plan to study abroad after 12th

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.”- Henry Millar. Studying abroad is a great experience which you should take into consideration after you finished your 12th exams. For further studies in a particular program, you can apply to any foreign universities of your liking. Here is article on 10 tips […]

Apr 10
NIFT For Fashion Enthusiasts After XII

Fashion is a means of self-expression and confidence.  Some passionate people choose to design and deciding fashion as their profession. If you are a fashion enthusiast and is aiming for the top best institute to study fashion designing in India, NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Designing) is for you! Here is all you want to know.Here is […]

Oct 31
Scope Of Pursuing English Hons After 12th

The principal purpose of a Journalist is to assemble knowledge, print communication creations, and grant the knowledge in an accurate and impartial practice. In addition to reviewing and communicating on contemporary issues, they also operate on features and comments that update and change common evaluation. The determination of journalism is thus to accommodate subjects with the knowledge they require to obtain the much probable judgments about their careers, their cities, their communities, and their management. The four levels of journalistic purposes—regulating, cognitive, prepared and related roles—communicate to conceptually different approaches: what…

Sep 23
Ways to retain everything you read/learn

Almost all of us waste 90% of our time, resources, and learning time because we don’t understand a simple concept called the Learning Pyramid. The Learning Pyramid was developed way back in the 1960s by the NTL Institute in Bethel, Maine. And if you look at the pyramid you’ll see something really weird. Learning pyramid […]

Sep 01
Liberal Arts Subjects In India Top 5 Liberal Arts Institutions in India

 Liberal arts subjects in india Liberal arts or liberal education has many myths around its very concept. It is important that the myths need to be debunked so that you can understand what exactly liberal art actually is. The big myth is that liberal art only includes humanities disciplines such as psychology, political science, sociology, […]