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Liberal Arts Subjects In India Top 5 Liberal Arts Institutions in India

 Liberal arts subjects in india Liberal arts or liberal education has many myths around its very concept. It is important that the myths need to be debunked so that you can understand what exactly liberal art actually is. The big myth is that liberal art only includes humanities disciplines such as psychology, political science, sociology, or English literature. However more than disciplines or subjects, liberal education is based more around the idea of freedom of choice, you are allowed to choose multiple subjects and courses across various disciplines.

It is also anticipated, liberal education will become a new trend in some time and it has already become normal in many developed countries such as the USA. India has also recently come up with many leading liberal arts institutions. Ashoka University, OP Jinal University, Flame University, Symbiosis School of liberal arts are some of the leading liberal art institutions in India. The soft skills gained through a liberal education can prove very fruitful in your professional life and professional development. Liberal education does provide you with freedom of choice. You can make the most out of it by choosing different disciplines that cater to your aptitude, aspiration, and interests.

Liberal arts subjects in india While choosing the combination, one should also ensure that it has market value as well. For instance, choosing English literature with mathematics wouldn’t prove that fruitful. However, studying computer science with entrepreneurship or English with Creative Writing can prove very fruitful for your career. The wide array of choices is available for you, it is dependent as to how much you make of it. India has come up with many new liberal art institutions. This article shall be expanding upon the top five Indian colleges to pursue liberal arts.


Ashoka University

Situated in Sonipat, Haryana.  Ashoka University has become the leading liberal art university in India. The 25 acres Ashokan Campus is built through a collective effort of many leading industrialists. It has a residential Campus. The university promises high-quality education and its renowned faculty delivers that. The admission process is divided into three parts: 

  1. Application:- There is no application fee. The Application requires you to not just to fill in your 12th percentage. Your extracurriculars, social works, achievements, etc. are also looked upon. The aim here is to analyze one’s application holistically and not just through their percentage. Liberal arts subjects in india
  2. Interview Round:– All the shortlisted applicants are qualified for an interview. The interview is mostly based on your application details. It could be virtual as well as in their office if you happen to any big city. The interview round is followed by an Aptitude test and on the spot essay writing. 
  3. Aptitude test:- The Aptitude is designed to test your analytical and communication skills. The subjects you are tested upon are Analytical reasoning, English Communication, and so on. However, Candidates with SAT (subject Aptitude test) can fill their SAT scores in the application. They are not required to give the Aptitude test. 

Another very peculiar aspect of Ashoka is its need-based financial aid model. The yearly program fee can be around 9 lacs. The admission is purely on the basis of application and your performance in the above rounds. However, the fees you pay is based upon your financial capacity. You can apply for financial aid and provide all the necessary documentation. Your family’s financial standing determines the fees you pay at Ashoka 

Flame University 

Situated on the Pune Bangalore Highway, Flame University has more than 250+ major/minor combinations that you can choose from.Liberal arts subjects in india  It has a residential Campus. The 60 acres campus was established Parag shah in 2015. From psychology to computer science. The major-minor combination can be decided as per their aptitude, aspirations, and interests. The courses you take help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Experiential learning is also a highlight of this. 

Admission process

The admission process is divided into various facets and their order is decided by the university. 

  • Online Admission test
  • Academic record
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Online essay
  • Online personal interview

Liberal arts subjects in india It has a partnership with many leading abroad universities such as Yale University, USA, or king’s University. The semester abroad is also offered here, you can decide to get experience outside the university.

OP Jindal Global University  

OP Jindal University has various departments ranging from law to liberal arts. Jindal School of Liberal Arts (JSLH) offers the degree.  It has a residential Campus. It offers a degree called B.A liberal arts and humanities. The highlight is a self-designed major. You can design your own major courses in fields of international relations, Psychology, Expressive Arts, etc. The counsellors and consultant can help you choose the courses best suited for you on the basis of your interests and academic record. You get a major however you do get an opportunity to dive into different subjects through the foundation courses. 

Following aspects are considered while you apply for admission:

  • Personal Statements
  • Supplemental questions
  • Personal Interview 
  • Academic Record

Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts

Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (SSLA) was founded in 2011 and is a part of Symbiosis International University. The course is divided into major specialization and minor specialization. As a major, you can choose both B.A and B.Sc subjects. The degree awarded is Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) and Bachelor of Science (Hons) depending upon your subject of choice. The program aims to provide holistically designed courses that aim to develop. Students are required to give SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) or they can apply with their SAT score 

KREA University 

The most recent liberal arts university, KREA University was founded in 2018. The educational and financial model is very similar to that of Ashoka. However, KREA’s quality check may require it to continue for more time.  It is located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. The most recent university hasn’t got many admissions yet, but it may have the potential to be the top liberal art institution.

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