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10 tips if you plan to study abroad after 12th

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.”- Henry Millar. Studying abroad is a great experience which you should take into consideration after you finished your 12th exams. For further studies in a particular program, you can apply to any foreign universities of your liking. Here is article on 10 tips if you plan to study abroad after Class 12th

They are some pros to studying abroad like- You get to experience new cultures, new educational methods, and different styles of studying, more career opportunities, and this also helps with personality development. You can follow these 10 tips for a plan to study abroad after 12th.

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Know the program you want to pursue

One of the first things which you need to plan from ahead is which course do you want to study. If you are confused about which course you want to pursue then you should go for career counselling which will help you get a clear idea of what you want to study. This also helps you decide which entrance exam you are supposed to give to be able to apply for the university you want to go to.

Enquire about the Entrance exam

As mentioned, before you should be clear with which course you are supposed to apply. Based on that you will be giving exams like-

These are the few exam which students are supposed to give to be eligible to apply in any universities. But some things may differ in some universities so you have to make sure you know everything about a particular university you want to apply for.

Look for a university which offer scholarships and the fee structures

If you want to apply for a scholarship or financial get make sure you do your part of the research to leave no ends loose. There are different procedures of different universities to apply for scholarships.

To get a scholarship you should have great credit scores and recommendation letters from your teacher. You can gain credits by participating in extra curriculum activity. This tip will help you to plan a study abroad.

Make sure you are aware of your accommodation-

Make sure you have all your accommodation all planned out since some colleges have dorm rooms available or hostels there are certain applications that are to be filled out. Whereas some universities don’t have such facilities available then you have to look for affordable apartments near your college which is stressful so it’s better to plan out beforehand.

Be ready with your paperwork

You need all your paperwork like:

Proper Application forms, (SOP)- Statement of purpose, (LOR)- Letter of Recommendation, Transcripts, all your test scores, CV (Curriculum Vitaeor Resume, your passport and Visa everything should be in order. These are some of the documents you need to be ready with beforehand.

Be ready for your Interviews

Most of the time there are certain interviews which take place for the acceptance process by the universities where they may ask you simple basic questions about you, your family background, why are you interested in this certain program, your future plans, what do you think you will earn and learn from this program, etc. Such questions are nothing to stress over about but you still do tense since this is an important bridge you need to cross to be able to get into your choice of university.

Keep yourself updated with the news

You should be updated with what’s happening around your future university and the city where you will be studying in just to make sure you don’t have any problems after once you are all settled in.

Make sure your transactions are in the clear

Make sure you know the continuous changes in the exchange rate and you know which credit or debit card you will be using so you won’t have any transaction problems in the future. This tip will help you to plan a study abroad.

Get to know people who have already studied abroad

You can interact with people who have already experienced and been through all these procedures so that you know what you are in for. This will help you avoid making mistakes which they may have suffered through. You also learn how and what all you will be gaining from this change in your life, how far you will be from your family, and how you need to be responsible.

Get to know more people and have resources

You can’t stay in your comfort zone, you have to mix and mingle with people, this will help you in your personal growth and show you more opportunities for your future. For example- you get to know more people, you understand their plans and how they are working for their goals. This will motivate you and push you to work hard to achieve your goal.

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