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Tag: Time management

Jul 19
Facts to Know About Time Management

If you want to know facts about time management, you are in the right place. Time is the most valuable aspect of everyone’s life in the world hence it needs to be used wisely and accurately. When it comes to working precisely and efficiently with full strength then the most important aspect is time management Factors due […]

Dec 05

We all know how social media has left an impact on our lives. While the number of social media users increased extensively during the past few years, some of us also find ourselves completely exhausted after the increased screen time. If you do a Google search, it will give you a list of famous personalities […]

Nov 05
10 Techniques of Time management

Introduction Time management is something that a few people battle at, while others are victors of profitability. Regardless of the case, to ace it, you have to realize how to do it. What’s more, the Internet is brimming with tips, stunts, and techniques. Yet, they may not generally work. You need to locate those demonstrated […]

Nov 05
9 Benefits of Time management

The advantages of viable time management when done right are colossal, not just it encourages you to keep steady over your time, yet life and exercises also. Viable time the executives empower you to achieve more throughout everyday life, how you can identify with individuals around you, and above all your wellbeing. It doesn’t need […]

Nov 04
Time Management- An Overview

Introduction Time management is the way toward arranging and practicing cognizant control of time spent on explicit exercises, particularly to expand adequacy, effectiveness, and profitability. It includes a shuffling demonstration of different requests upon an individual identifying with work, public activity, family, diversions, individual interests, and duties with the limit of time. Utilizing time adequately […]

Oct 16
How you’re wasting your time without even knowing

No matter how progressive the world is, with all the latest advancements and trends it becomes hard for humans to ignore it all. They want to be a part of everything and not really miss out on anything good. It is human nature to be inquisitive about new things. But also, it is important to […]

Oct 16
How to make use of 24 hours effectively & time management

Time Management applies both to efficient and effective time management such that the right time for the right task is allotted. It was correctly said that nobody is waiting for time and tide. Therefore, time management is how you schedule and exert control over the amount of time you spend on particular tasks, in particular, […]

Aug 04
10 additional skills for working professional

Even if, you are an expert of your field and can bet a million to prove your claim, you still might require additional or rather soft skills to sustain at work (or at least till you win a million on that bet). These skills are, more often than not, self-taught. These additional skills are usually […]

Jun 24
Delhi University: Aptitude test for State board students

Delhi University: An Aptitude test for state board studentsAn aptitude test is conducted to access the skills, knowledge, ability & personality of the students & candidates. There is an aptitude test conducted on @CareerGuide.com also. Many students ask, is it necessary to take an aptitude test before choosing a stream? An aptitude test is necessary […]

Jun 12
7 Tips to crack BITSAT entrance exam after 12th

BITSAT stands for Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test. It’s popularly known as BITS Admission Test. It’s a computer-based examination. Knowledge required for this examination is not only full filled by NCERT books. You need to keep on reading different books for a different subject. Duration of examination is for 3 hours & […]