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Category: Study In Canada

Sep 01
Best Canadian Universities for Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences are the upcoming disciplines apart from conventional sciences and medical streams. The subjects that include in Humanities are performing arts, music studies, literature, etc. Social Sciences focuses on anthropology, archaeology, and politics. The study of these, subjects enhances many soft skills of a person. The skills that you can develop through […]

Sep 01
Best Universities in Canada for Liberal Arts Studies

Liberal Arts are getting a replacement trend in current times. Liberal art permits you to possess a multi-disciplinary education. you’ll prefer to study completely different combos of subjects instead of selecting one subject. Liberal arts studies consist of science subjects, humanities subjects, and science subjects. Canada is home to several acknowledged world universities that area […]

Aug 26
7 reasons to pursue computer Science from Canada

Every startup or company want a web developer these days. The market for web developers, android developers, and IOS developers is growing at a tremendous. The IT sector is growing rapidly worldwide. In such a scenario, computer science has opened up many options for you. A degree in computer science doesn’t just make you ready […]

Aug 25
Top 5 Reasons of why to choose Engineering in College!

When we listen and come across to a new branch, we always try to know why someone should choose the particular branch. And, in this article certain information related to the usage and scope of the engineering branches are being provided. These reasons may help you to bring the right conclusion for the option as your career. This detailed knowledge of everything always allows the student to be prepared and well noted. So, make a move for this branch by accepting the given reasons.

Jul 21
7 Scholarships in Canada for international students

Canada is famous for its sheer diversity that is there in its universities and colleges. The University of Toronto is home to students from more than 159 countries. The sheer diversity means that Canada attracts many international students. Another reason why Canada is famous because it is affordable as well. To know more about studying […]

Jul 19
Best 8 University in Canada for Masters in Civil Engineering

Queen’s University Masters in Civil Engineering is a two-year program offered by Queen University. You will learn the following aspects of civil engineering in this course. They are Environmental, Geotechnical, Geoenvironmental and Hydrotechnical Engineering. The infrastructure of the University offers you hands-on and practical learning on these subjects and disciplines.  For getting admission these are […]

Jul 13
Top 6 universities/colleges to study computer science

Which startup or a company doesn’t want a web developer these days? The market for app developers or android developers is growing at a very fast rate. The IT sector is developing worldwide. In such a scenario, computer science will open up many options for you. Computer science doesn’t just make you ready for the […]

Jul 13
Top 6 universities/colleges in Canada to study Journalism

Journalism is a study of both theoretical and practical application of journalistic concepts. Studying journalism can open up many creative career paths for you. Some of the paths you can take after your journalism course are News Editor, Newspaper Editor, TV reporter, field reporter, columnist, ad-writer, creative writer, etc. The program of Journalism is many […]

Jul 03
6 Things to know about studying in Canada

For many middle-class Indian families, Studying abroad in a reputed university is a dream for many. Some of the popular destinations that Indians prefer are Canada, the USA, Russia, Australia, and the UK. This article will focus on studying in Canada. Canada has emerged as a one-stop destination for many Indians to pursue higher studies. […]

Jul 02
Top 7 Universities/Colleges in Canada to study economics

The demands for economics majors have gone up due to increasing uncertainties in financial sectors daily. Economics & Business majors can make careers in sectors such as banking, consulting, finance. There are many job opportunities in the private and government sectors. Economics majors can also do MBA after graduation from a University. Economics can provide […]

Jun 22
Top 6 Business Universities/Colleges in Canada

Business schools specialize in business studies.  They teach you subjects and skills such as finance, marketing, strategic management. These skills prove very fruitful in joining a business or establishing your own business. Two of the most famous and known courses in the field of business administration are BBA and MBA. Some Colleges also offer B.A, […]

Jun 22
Top 6 liberal art colleges/universities in Canada

Liberal Arts are becoming a new trend in current times. Liberal art allows you to have a multi-disciplinary education. You can choose to study different combinations of subjects rather than choosing a single subject. Liberal art consists of social science subjects, humanities subjects, and natural science subjects. It is a myth that liberal arts is […]

Jun 17
Top 7 University/College in Canada for Psychology

Psychology is becoming a trending topic in everyday discussion. The scope of psychology is also increasing day by day. There is an increasing demand for counselors in University/colleges. A good psychology course will teach you about human behavior. The knowledge about human behavior can be applicable in many industries & roles such as teacher, human […]