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7 reasons to pursue computer Science from Canada

Every startup or company want a web developer these days. The market for web developers, android developers, and IOS developers is growing at a tremendous. The IT sector is growing rapidly worldwide. In such a scenario, computer science has opened up many options for you. A degree in computer science doesn’t just make you ready for the job but also provides you a very strong foundation to start your own business if you have the necessary skills required to do business. A well-designed computer science course will consist of many employable skills such as database management, mobile communications, programming languages, and so on. These skills are becoming increasingly relevant in the job market. Canada is famous among many Indian students and other foreign students to pursue undergraduate and higher studies. This article will talk about the top 7 reasons to pursue computer Science from Canada. You can also read about Top Universities in Canada for computer Science here

computer science in Canada

Internationally recognized degree

A Bachelor of Master’s degree in after pursuing a Computer Science degree from a Canadian University is an international degree as many of the Canadian University ranks in 50 best or the list of 100 best Universities in the world. Some of the most famous global Canadian universities are the University of Toronto, Mc-Gill University, University of British Columbia, etc. A Bachelors’s in computer science from a renowned Canadian University can land you in the best global University for Masters such as Harvard or Yale.

The Global rank of the University of Toronto is 25, Mc Gill University is 31, and the University of British Columbia is 45. You can obtain an internationally renowned degree from many Canadian Universities.

Plethora of Opportunities 

It’s already known that computer science offers plenty of job opportunities, but the question that comes up here is what is so special about Canada and the opportunities one can get from Canadian opportunities. Some of the most famous jobs amongst students are artificial intelligence programmer, computer programmer, market research analyst, systems analyst, or telecommunications specialist. 

The sectors in which the students are employed are banking, transportation, IT, education, insurance, health, care, transportation, and the list goes on. Many of these opportunities are open because Computer Science is connected with many other disciplines and various specializations are also offered in the discipline that makes it worth pursuing. These aspects will be later explored later on. 

computer science in Canada

Connected with other disciplines 

There are a plethora of opportunities because education is inter-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary courses are common across Universities in Canada. Some of the interdisciplinary majors offered with a focus on Computer Science are biotechnology, Bachelor of Arts in computer science (this major will offer you insight into both Arts and computer), Mathematics and computer science with liberal arts. 

Interdisciplinary studies expose the students to more than a single field that is very helpful for students in the long run and provides you flexibility in terms of higher studies and employment. 


Specializations are the courses that allow you to specialize in a single aspect of the computer as per your interests. In Canadian Universities, different majors have different specializations. The specializations that are offered in Canada are Artificial intelligence, Data-Science, Cyber- Security, Data-Science, Machine learning, and many other 21st century skills. 

pursue computer science

Great Internships 

Many programs offered by Canadian universities include mandatory and sometimes paid internships. Universities such as theUniversity of Toronto, McGill University, McMaster University have ties with many big companies that can provide you hands-on experience with the latest technology.

The computer science program at some places is also called MAsc that stands for Master of Applied Science. The Applied Science programs extensively focus on the application part of it including the minium theoretical part. Universities in Canada are also known for recognizing various coding competitions and marathons to upskill their students. Such internships can be a great stepping stone for placements. 

Very High exposure 

Canada has emerged as the top-most destination for international students after the USA. For instance, the University of Toronto has students from more than 150 countries. Such exposure in a highly Multi-Cultural environment will provide a varied perspective on the developments happening in the world of computer science. 

Every learning does not take place in your class, or exams. An intellectually challenging environment and intellectual people is also necessary for that, Canada will provide you that. 

In such a highly diverse setting, can build many long-term networks that will certainly help you a lot in the long run .

pursue computer science

Highly Paid Opportunities 

The average salary of computer science working professionals in Canada is between 85000 Canadian dollars to 1,000,00 Canadian Dollars per year. Many articles have shown that Computer science is the no. 1 major in Canada in terms of return on investment. 

With specializations and inter-disciplinary knowledge, you can always evolve and be more flexible. 


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