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10 Skills required to get an AI job

Hello readers, how are you I hope you all are doing good? Well, we are back again with another blog which will make you understand Artificial intelligence and what are the skills required to get a job in the field of Artificial intelligence. So AI is a branch of computer science in which our computer and machine can perform a task which is complex in nature and required human intelligence on its own with the help of some set of algorithms. fascinating right, so how it can be done what are the essential skills required to get a job in AI. well, don’t worry we are here with our 10 Skills required to get an AI job list.

Skill to get an AI job

Programming Language:

It’s one of the most essential skills that one should have to get an AI job. All the algorithm which is written in AI or subset of AI like computer vision or deep learning using a standard programing language which is python. But not only this individual should have knowledge about other languages like R which is used in AI data interpretation, Java for handling Big data, some scripting language too like Java script. It’s a bit a complicated skill for a person who never exposed to any of the coding languages in the initial day. So it’s better to have C or C++ knowledge before learning high-level languages. Also one should have knowledge of Object-oriented programing and its fundamentals.

Linear algebra:

AI is just not about coding but also many maths concepts like algebra concepts like Vector, matrix, matrix multiplication, addition, subtraction is very much needed in AI whereas other concepts like gradient descent and probability mean, median, the mode is an important concept in AI. So one should clear with all those concepts as well. Not only this in many of the algorithms of AI integration and differentiation is also used as well.

Advance Signal Processing:

In the area of AI like NLP and deep learning signal wave of the sin, cos, tan, and signals are studied. So its better to have knowledge about signal strength, their wavelength, amplitude, etc. This skill is very much needed in IoT as well as in NLP when individuals wish to work in voice modulation or voice controlling devices which also powered AI.

Applied maths and algorithms:

Successful Ai Engineer

This skill is very much required to be a successful AI engineer. AI is not programming driven Technology rather than its an algorithm-driven technology. So it’s very important to understand the basics of the algorithm of Stats and maths to implement them successfully in python to perform a specific task.

Neural network architecture:

AI can’t be done without the neural network in fact the real AI starts with a Deep understanding of Neural network, Its architecture like CNN, RCNN, and similar other concepts. This skill is very much required to understand how the maximum amount of calculation can be done through our brain and how we can apply the same concept in the machine as well. Neural networks used in deep learning, computer vision to understand the specification of the image and per-pixel data.

Language Processing:

This skill is going to help in understanding concepts of voice processing self commanding and voice assistance. This individual should know about some important libraries like NLTK, semantics and sentiments analysis, etc.

 Industry Knowledge:

Machine Banner

One should know about the trending project and problems that are arises in our society to solve them through machine learning and AI. Many projects like a self-driving car, security surveillance system, voice assistance are some of the examples. One cant is a successful AI engineer if you don’t know how to implement a project or what sort of project is required to sustain in the world.

Effective Communication:

Companies are looking for an individual who is good at communication skills and able to understand all kinds of groups and people in the company. A good AI engineer should able to make understand its thoughts for a project to his team and to his nontechnical manager as well. It’s a very important skill that required a high level of leadership skills, cooperation skills, and understanding the ability to convey his thoughts to all the people who are working with him.

 Keep Updating: 

Programming Languages

This is the most important aspect of all the skills. Always keep updating your knowledge and field area to get the latest updates. Keep reading new blogs, technical magazines, go to conferences team meetings, and also do various courses that provide regular knowledge to your brain. Every single day new research drove about a new neural network, about a new algorithm so it’s a good habit to keep update your self with new research papers.

Computer Hardware Understanding:

Shocked! yes, one should have basic knowledge about its system configuration in which he is working, its RAM, ROM, motherboard capacity, graphic card, memory storage devices. Also, an individual should know what is the handling capacity of the project in which he is working.


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