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6 Reasons to Pursue Psychology from Canada

Psychology is becoming a trending topic day by day. The scope and opportunities for psychology majors are also increasing day by day. There is an increasing demand for counselors at universities, colleges, organizations, schools, and offices. A well-designed psychology course will teach you details about human behavior. Here is article on 6 Reasons to Pursue Psychology from Canada

Psychology can also be studied with other disciplines such as sociology or political science to develop better understand ing of the behavior of society and people. Canada is becoming a great destination for international students after the USA. You can read about the best Universities for psychology in Canada. This article is going to talk about six reasons to pursue a psychology degree from a renowned Canadian University.

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Internationally recognized degree

A psychology degree in Canada is international as many of the Canadian University ranks in 50 best or the list of 100 best University in the world. Some of the globally recognized universities are the University of Toronto, Mc-Gill University, University of British Columbia, etc. A Bachelors’s in psychology from a reputed Canadian University can land you in the best global University for Masters such as Harvard or Yale.

The Global rank of the University of Toronto is 25, Mc Gill University is 31, the University of British Columbia is 45 and the University of Montreal is 118.  You can get an internationally recognized degree from many Canadian Universities.

Various Specializations

One of the Myths around psychology is that it has a very limited scope. You can become either a psychologist or a psychiatrist after completing psychology. But Canadian Universities offer specialization in Social Psychology, Sports Psychology, Entrepreneurial psychology, Industry, etc. It depends upon you which program you choose to take and land up in an industry-specific job related to sports, entertainment, manufacturing industry, education, etc. There are more than 100 different specializations in psychology offered by different Canadian Universities. 

This shows that you can design your program and degree in Canada and not just land up in the conventional role of a psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist. You can do much more with that. 

Plethora of Opportunities

It has already been stated that there are various specializations, it automatically gives rise to the numerous opportunities out there. Canada is also known for its high placement rates. Some of the interesting and unconventional careers that Canadian graduates land up in are Advertising, Entrepreneur, Child-Welfare worker, Marketing, Program Coordinator, Public relations expert, Substance counselor etc. These are just a few careers where Canadian graduates have landed up, there are a plethora of opportunities. You can explore the opportunities.

Cost-Effective Education

One of the reasons many international students (especially from Asian countries) choose Canada over the USA is the cost-effective education Canada provides. You can read here about 7 scholarships in Canada for international students The average yearly fees for a master’s or bachelor’s psychology program at a Canadian University are between 15000 to 28000 Candian Dollars that is relatively less than the USA. Along with scholarships, there are many different flexible ways you can plan your stay in Canada. The full program can be very affordable for you with a plethora of opportunities and different specializations.

Highly Paid Professional

The demand for psychologists in Canada is rapidly increasing and is a very highly paid profession in Canada. The average clinical psychologist Salary in Canada is 97000 dollars per year that are very high compared to India. A professional psychologist’s demand is very high as people seek a professional in their companies, schools, businesses, sports club, etc. The importance of psychology professionals is very high in the country. The research-based and industry-specific approach lands you in many jobs that can pay you a very handsome amount.

Interdisciplinary approach

The interdisciplinary approach means offering psychology with other subjects such as philosophy, arts, liberal arts, business, industry. etc. You can take psychology as your main subject along with any other subject in your interdisciplinary psychology program. The colleges and the universities also offer interesting degree programs such as Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education in Developmental psychology Bachelor of Science in psychology. All of these courses have different approaches to teach psychology and mix one discipline with the other to cater to your interests. 

Exposure in a Multi-Cultural Environment

Canada has emerged as the top-most destination for international students. The University of Toronto has students from more than 150 countries. Such exposure in a highly Multi-Cultural environment will provide you much deep insight into human behavior. Every learning does not take place in your class, or exams. An intellectually stimulating environment is also necessary for that, Canada will provide you that. 

The exposure and multi-cultural environment will help you build various thick networks.

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