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career tips on Music after 12th

Remember when you dreamt of being a musician, but those thoughts vanished because you didn’t know how to do that? You had no idea about how and where should you begin to persuade Music as a career? Well, you are on the right platform because we are here to provide you some of the best tips for your music career right after your 12th class. 


music courses after 12th?.Music is the language of the heart. Some people may be God gifted, but some make their way through hard work and practice. Music may be a passion for some, or it may be bread earner for some. Either way, Music belongs to all. And what better than making a career in a field which is so centric to humans. A career that never retires or fails to experiment. A career in Music is an excellent flagbearer example of this. A career in Music requires a lot of hard work, skills, self-confidence, and endurance. Nowadays, there is a lot of scope in Music. A candidate can get employed in music companies, advertisement agencies, music teachers, film and T.V. production houses, etc.

career in music

Courses & Duration

With increasing social media and globalization, the opportunities are growing manifold times. After complete of 12th class, any student can do the following courses in Music:

On Bachelor’s level, three courses are available – B.A. (Music), B.F.A. (Music), B.P.A. (Music). A candidate can opt for any one of the courses. These degree courses are of 3 years duration conducted by the various art school in India.
  • there are also Certificate and Diploma courses in Music.

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  • Higher degree courses include – Master’s in Music, M.Phil (Music), Ph.D. in Music.
A student can select his/her music training in Vocal or Instruments. Depending upon the interest, a candidate can opt for any of the two. Music learners must practice a lot. Without ample practice, one cannot perfect his/her skills in Music. And to get a proper platform in a music career, one should have excellent and artistic skills.

Skills Required

Music has to be innovative to be accepted and loved by the public. So for that, it is very essential that any music aspiring candidate has to have certain nonpareil skills to be successful in this career. 

Some of the exclusive skills that make good musicians different from regular musicians are:

  • You have to be Talented
  • Show Genuine Interest in music
  • Sincerity
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Musical sense and adaptability to what music demand is
  • Sense of time and rhythm
  • Confidence
  • Creative Ability
  • Versatility
  • Team Work
  • Ambition

Various Job Fields in Music

After the completion of any music course, a student can get a job in the music industry, films, production houses, TV channels, and advertisement companies. The students can also open their own music learning centers. The Bollywood and TV serials, especially, have opened a new era of opportunities for musicians. They can apply and easily get work in these places as:-
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Producer
  • Programmer
  • Music Sequencer
  • Sound designer
  • Music director
  • Music editor
  • Music supervisor
  • Music publisher
  • Music teacher
  • Recording engineer
  • Music therapist
  • Studio manager and
  • Instrumentalist.
  • Music Business/Management
  • Song Writer

Types of Music

Various types of music in which you can take the admission are listed below. You can apply for these music courses in India as well as Abroad. The duration of these programmes varies depending upon each course.
  • Blues
  • Classical Music
  • Country Music
  • Electronic Music
  • Jazz
  • Latin Music
  • Metal Music
  • Pop Music
  • Punk music
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Rock Music

Music in India

The music in India mainly symbolizes the rich culture of India. As India is a land of diversity so, the music here varies drastically and is different for every language. In India, the scope of music is so vast that you can easily get a job in this profession. One can easily become a music teacher in any school/college or can open their own music institution.

The types of Indian music are:

  • Hindustani Music
  • Carnatic Music
  • Light Classical Music
  • Folk Music
  • Popular Music
  • Dance Music
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Western Classical Music
  • Patriotism Music

Salary as Musician

The salary varies depending on many factors such as the company you are working for, your skills, etc. The starting salary of a music teacher is in the range of ₹20, 000 to 30,000 per month. But, in a few years, it is sure to go up. An average salary of a music professional is 20,000 to 40,000 per month. A talented musician can earn handsomely through works like stage performances; by playing music at weddings; or any other high-profile functions. It is an excellent field to earn both name and fame if you are talented and have insatiable hard work habits. Although you may be struggling during the initial time of your career with some experience and a good platform, you can go up to a great height in this field.

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