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8 hacks – How to crack a Physiology Entrance Exam after 12th

Physiology deals with the science and study of life. Everything from the minuscule cell of the body impacts on behavior of the body due to external surroundings. It is quite a vast field of study with many sub-areas to specialize in. It is obvious that Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are prerequisites to appear for the physiology entrance exam and subsequently pursue a career in Physiology. Here is article on 8 hacks – How to crack a Physiology Entrance Exam after Class 12th

There are plenty of colleges that grant admission based on merit performance in 12th class but there are also All India exams as well as university-specific entrance exams for Physiology programs and degrees that are required to gain admission. Cracking any entrance exam, irrespective of the subject can be done with a few compulsory tips that students need to follow. So here you will get the best hacks to crack the physiology entrance exam after class 12th.

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Know your options

It is extremely important to know what your options are when appearing for entrance exams. Since many exams for admission in Physiology programs are state-level examinations, you must know what the criteria to apply is in the college you want to get a seat in. Check the website of your desired college and if there is an entrance exam to be written, prepare accordingly. Many colleges have their own exam while many others admit students on the basis of board results. Do your research before you start preparing.

Be comprehensive in the syllabus

Once you have gotten clarity on the exam(s) you will be appearing for, the next step is to know the portion of the exam if any. Make sure you get your information from credible sources so as to make sure you are heading in the right direction. There are a lot of websites and pages that provide inaccurate and half information so only rely on real website updates and do not believe WhatsApp forwards or fake websites and ads.

Weightage of lessons

You know the exam to write, you know the syllabus, the only thing left to do is preparing for it. It is always better to work smart instead of working hard. If you work harder on lessons that carry more marks, you are more likely to secure good marks than studying average but covering every topic. With this technique, you can even skip a few chapters if you find yourself pressed for time, although it is not advisable to do so.

Focus on one section

Other competitive exams like JEE Main and NEET have divided sections into three subjects. Since Physiology is about Biology, it is advisable to focus more on that section, also because Biology tends to be easier than other subjects in competitive exams. Within your area of focus too, make sure you pay extra heed to important topics that are frequently asked. Make sure your conceptual knowledge is better than your memorizing skills. Because with memorizing, you can only attempt one question, but with understanding, you can solve any question.

Make a timetable

No exam preparation is successful without a proper timetable. You need to divide your time, plan how to study, what to study, for how long to study, when to take breaks, etc. Spending a considerable amount of time preparing a realistic timetable will save you time and energy in the future.

Practice papers

Practicing previous year question papers and mock tests are the most guaranteed method of achieving success in entrance exams. There are plenty of practice papers available on the internet and there are also books available that are compiled question papers from the past years and are often given with solutions too. Not only does this help you practice but it also calms you down when you appear for the actual examination. This is because your brain is used to seeing question papers and completing it within the stipulated time.

Thorough revision

Leave two to three days or more, prior to the exam date depending on the topics you would like to revise and how much time you would like to invest in it. Using small flashcards helps many students as they are quick, catchy, and efficient and retain only the important information. Keep your mind calm and cool before entering the examination hall and do not try to go through all 10-20 chapters in 2 minutes, this does little to no good and on the contrary, stresses your brain out.

Stay Motivated

No matter how much you prepare, if you fail to believe in yourself and stay motivated while writing the exam and second guess everything you have learned, you will for sure have a hard time giving your best which may lead to a result you weren’t hoping for. Be in good spirits the days leading up to your big day and try not to overthink. Have faith in your preparation and do not compare it to how much your peers have studied. It is not necessary to study the same things in the same manner! Everyone has their own way of doing things, so it is best to accept yours.

Hope this article, gives you the best hacks to crack the physiology entrance exam after class 12th and build your career in physiology

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