8 helpful self-assessment skills for class 10th student

In this article, we will discuss some helpful self-assessment skills for class 10th students. Most of the students nowadays are so profound in the erudite world that they forget to look into themselves. Each and every person is unique and has a different set of skills of its own. To begin with, let us understand what actually self-assessment skills are. As per the definition of clever, self-assessment is the ability to examine yourself in order to find out the bar of progress you have created and leveled up. To go forward with, the next question is about why do you need this? Self-assessment skills are very important for every class 10th student to have before dealing with the major turning point in their lives. To clear you up with how and what you need to assess, let us go through some of the key skills that you need to analyze within yourself.

self-assessment skills

General skills

What are the general skills? General skills are basically those skills which are commonly seen in an individual. This includes communication skills, expressive nature, presence of mind, awareness, writing skills, editing skills, management skills, listening, tolerance power, and so on. These skills are generally called as general because they are most often seen, analyzed, used, and required in every person.  These self-assessment skills are required to be analyzed in order to understand yourself and clear upon what you want to and where you want your efforts in the future, especially after class 10th.

Personal growth skills

Personal Growth skills, simply known as personal skills or interpersonal skills, are those skills that show your character and nature. These skills include collaboration, diplomacy, consultation, handling difficult personalities, negotiation, persuasion, networking, engagement, developmental skills, conflict resolution, and so on. Assessing interpersonal skills in yourself is an important task for class 10th students as after this turn, they have to take their further steps very carefully. So, to take any appropriate action which is going to decide your future career path, you need to take a self-assessment test to know about yourself.

Leadership skills

Most of the students think that they have the leadership quality in themselves but is that actually so? If all think that they possess leadership quality, then why they are not a leader? To understand the leadership quality, you need to know the fact that leaders are those who have effective communication skills, inspiring personality, and an ability to delegate. If you think if you possess these qualities without any shortcomings, then you possess this quality. This skill is an important set that definitely needs to be analyzed through a self-assessment test. Class 10th students must do this test to find this quality in themselves.



While going through the self-assessment procedure, many students, especially the class 10th batch, get stuck and spend a long time thinking about the situations. To ease up the task and save time, which is very essential for class 10th students, you need to think and pen down the accomplishments that you have achieved so far in your life. It doesn’t matter whether they are huge or little, what matters is the hard work which you did for achieving it. You need to write down about things like how you managed to take up the monitor role in your class or you marched as a leader of your class during a parade. These small things help you analyze yourself and act as a key aspect of doing self-assessment.


We are human beings and human beings are not perfect. You cannot expect yourself to be right every time and you make mistakes. You should know the fact that ‘you learn from mistakes’ and ‘honesty is the best policy’. So, considering these two lines in mind, you should start penning down your weaknesses as it is only you who need to analyze yourself and no one else. You need to know yourself in order to take the right steps for the future. So being honest, write down the things where you need to do struggle. This way you will be able to categorize your weaknesses and strengths carefully and appropriately.

self-assessment skills

process management

Process management, simply known as management skills, are those skills that help you to manage things efficiently. Process management includes several skills such as administrative, analytical thinking, Operations, Research, Creative thinking, Logistics, Planning, Decision making, and so on. Not everyone has these abilities. You need to analyze yourself in order to know whether you possess these skills.


Self-management skills are those skills that you need to look into yourself to perform any action, any activity. Self-management skills include prioritization, self-awareness, time management, stress management, self-presentation, Goal-setting, and so on. These skills are required to know what you want in your life. However, these skills can only be discovered if you do a self-assessment test to know your skills. For class 10th students, this becomes a must-to-do thing as by this self-assessment method only, they will be able to know a lot about their future perspectives.

self-assessment skills for 10th

Specialized area

As mentioned above also, each and every individual has a unique set of skills and abilities which they possess and can perform tasks with it under the excellence category. Such skills and abilities come under specialized areas. For instance, you may possess different qualities in which you are good such as Photography, Teaching, Foreign language, analytical management, risk analysis, and so on. Through self-assessment, you need to know what is the specialized of yours, especially in class 10th, in order to take the right path ahead.


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