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8 Tips for Career Counselling after 12th

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius. Career Counselling is something which students should participate in after 12th, only if they are not sure what they want to pursue as a career. Career counselling will help the student in getting a clear idea as well as help them determine what they will or can-do career-wise. This is a type of support each and every student need when they feel lost at the beginning of their professional life. Here is article on 8 Tips for Career Counselling after Class 12th

Career counsellor also conducts some small assessment which shows what you are good at, what career suits you and you will feel happy having your career in. You can ask as many questions and doubts you have to your counsellor since they have the proper knowledge or more accurate knowledge than any search engines.

Book your counsellor

Students should book a properly qualified counsellor when or if they feel like they don’t know how to approach their courses or their career options because they are unsure of their strength. Having a career counselling is beneficial as they help by guiding the students in the right direction. You have to find a counsellor with whom you are comfortable, in all aspect’s location, financial wise everything etc.

Check their basic background

It’s safe to have a simple background check of your counsellor to be sure and to know of their credibility in this society as well as their qualification, this is a normal getting to know your counsellor before you go to them for your choirs. This also allows you to find a counsellor in your budget and they also help the students in having proper, authentic results of their future. So, to be cautious student should follow this and have a simple check before they go for counselling.

Take a career assessment test

This is a small test which students need to give these small tests sometimes also show you your IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional quotient). They take a holistic idea of you as a person then with the test they determine what they understand after the analysis. They easily understand what problems you are having and evaluate the problem then guide us in the right direction. These tests are scientific and are usually on point or accurate. The results are quite effective and efficient after the simple analysis as well as evaluation.

Set goals

Setting goals is something that your counsellor assists you with after you find out your options and further interest. Small goals are given and then gradually moving towards bigger goals. It isn’t easy but with little push, you will be able to achieve your goal. They show you how to enhance your skills, how to polish or sharpen your edges. Setting goals will also increase your confidence as well as your self- esteem which a pro rather than a con in this situation. This tip will help you know why you need to take career counselling after the class 12th.

Being honest

When counsellor askes you question you need to be honest by default if you want perfect and accurate results. You need to be upfront and not shy away since counsellor is not going to judge you nor are going to speak about what you said to anyone else. In case, this is something students or parents are worried about, privacy is one of the main policies of the counsellors. In short, students need to be open about their situation or anything which counsellor asks you about to have great results.

Improve your flaws

This is something that your career counsellor can show you, rest you only need to work on and figure out. Improving your flaws will help you in living a healthy life altogether. Flaws are nothing to be ashamed of so students shouldn’t be ashamed of it when pointed at, they simply need to acknowledge it and if they think that they need to work on it then they should. It’s simple your flaws are something which only you have to work on because you want to and not because someone else told you to do so.

Listen to your counsellor

If you are relying on a proper result from your counsellor than you need to reciprocate their efforts by putting in some efforts yourself. Listen to your counsellor they know the best, and know-how and what needs to be done. The following something isn’t that hard when you trust the person, so trust your counsellor they know what they are doing.

Work on it

As said in work on your flaws it’s implemented at this point as well. Other than that, for example- when a counselor tells you to maintain a particular exam score then you should focus on that to get into any particular college or working stream. They try to even out your analysis to suit your preferences.

Hope with this article, you understand why career counselling is important for class 12th students and the necessity to meet career counsellor.

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