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Counselling- SWOT Analysis

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Swot analysis means knowing one’s strength or strong points in him, weaknesses present in him, the opportunities available and the threats he has to face.





Strength is the principle fixing in the swot investigation. strength incorporates information, capacity, ability, expertise, experience, dynamic ability, disposition, strategies, and techniques. One should make an investigation of his strengths. 

He should realize what is where he is skilled and can have the option to deal with the things viably or play out the positions effectively. Strength is a valuable resource of a person with the assistance of which he can battle out anything coming in his manner and prevail upon. Just bragging on your pleased belonging strengths isn’t adequate you ought to build up your insight. 




One should detect his weaknesses truly and make their examination. Some of them can be handily enhanced. One should attempt to do that first and convert them into your strength. The absence of information can be refined by picking up it. Abilities can be gained through preparing. Numerous things can be scholarly through experience and by seeing concerning how seniors come over or prevail upon the conditions. Conversations, perusing, looking for counsel can eliminate the shortcomings inalienable in the individual. 

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The third element of swot investigation is opportunities. There are a few open doors accessible to the individual of fitness and information. One should know his latent capacity and proceed to snatch opportunity accessible to him he will prevail in his endeavor. One ought not to think in those days. Openings ought not to be missed. 

The possibility once lost will only sometimes come back once more. Openings are to be followed and gotten. There are numerous in administration openings moreover. One ought not to miss them. Carelessness concerning an individual lands him in a tough situation. Association gives numerous chances to its workers to rise to cause their vocation to develop. 




The last element of swot examination is the threats. One should spot and recognize the genuine threats and not the nonexistent one. Your opponents and associates in the work might be a danger to you or your seniors may deny you a chance and represent a threat to you. Be that as it may, one ought not to be shaken by all these. Try not to permit yourself to be taken out by them. 

Face the threats intensely and battle them out. If you are on the right way achievement is yours. You ought to argue your case before the position and request equity. Try not to endure shamefulness. No one but defeatists can do that. Get ready to confront them strongly and go to any conceivable and real degree to battle them out. 

Try not to be smug. Try not to get happy with little achievement. Endorse the sky as the breaking point. Continuously aim high. Continuously imagine that the following day is the new day brimming with difficulties and need to meet them. The mentality will get you high. Attempt to give your best each day. 

On the off chance that one has done his swot investigation genuinely and impeccably he will never confront any difficulty, he will never run over sorrow, dissatisfaction and won’t fall a casualty to unfortunate propensities of drinking or illicit drug use and so forth and he won’t need any advising endeavors by anybody however will turn into a good example for other people. It is a certain method to progress.




Generally, youngsters are in a hold of stress. These issues if not followed and directed on time may prompt liquor abuse and illicit drug use too. They need opportune direction from the advocates. These individuals ought to be firmly watched and ought to be kept in gathering or be permitted to work in a gathering. 

A few representatives get abuse by their bosses. These evil medicines likewise become the reason for stress to the worker. They are the survivors of treachery done to them by their bosses. Now and again based on one-sided revealing by the bosses get denied numerous advantages and rights. 

This hardship drives them to outrageous discouragement and may frequently become a casualty of liquor abuse or illicit drug use. The ideal impedance and reestablishing his lost advantages by the guide set back the representative on target.


Self-improvement- the best assistance

Self Improvement

Self-improvement is the best assistance. One ought to have the option to create manageability so he can remain under any conditions. Self-advancement is the best turn of events. There are numerous techniques for the self turn of events. One should remain all alone. Everyone has an internal desire for the self turn of events. It will assist him with building certainty, skill, and ability to adapt up to any conditions and changes inside and outside the association. 

Change can’t be captured. It is consistent. One should mindful of the change and face it intensely and bravely and ought not to lose certainty. For self-improvement, one should make his/her swot investigation to know one’s qualities, shortcomings, openings accessible present, and future and the potential dangers in his

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