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How COVID-19 will change the class 10th studies?

In this article, we will discuss the changes that have occurred in the study pattern of class 10th students due to the current pandemic prevailing all around the world. HOW COVID-19 WILL CHANGE THE CLASS 10th STUDY STUDIES? The novel Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19 Pandemic, has taken the world globally like a storm. Not only it has affected the world economically, but also the educational systems have been put at a high downfall state. An abrupt hold in the educational sector has led to a huge loss for the students working and the studying pattern.

Most of the government around the world has put the educational sector to a hold which has affected the learners directly. Due to the increasing numbers of cases daily within the country, the HRD ministry has already declared the examinations at all levels to be canceled which has affected the studies of a large number of students. Let us go through some of the changes in the pattern of study of class 10th students who have taken place due to COVID-19.

Ed Tech

The combination of education and technology is known to us since the desired technology has emerged. However, the early ratio of education and technology was 7:3. With the sudden changes in the surroundings or we can the society, this ratio has been changed to a newer format. Now, the ratio of education and technology has become 3:7. The studying pattern from books has become very less due to sudden lockdown and the worsening situations out there. Thus, it is not to mention that the changes in both the education and technology sector were evident. Ed-tech is currently taking place at a wider pace and is set to be one of the primary tools in the future as well. So, what can be done is to adapt yourself to Ed Tech and be prepared to be self-motivated so that you do not lag behind. You can also check out 7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling

Comfortable Learning

This can be considered as one of the benefits to mention which most of the students are enjoying. Class 10th is indeed a period where you need to study in your own comfortability. Comfortable learning is one of the most important factors which decide what and what not to do. You cannot get away from the fact that you are the one who decides which factor is necessary for you to have. Since the syllabus is vast in class 10th, the students get easily confused with comfortable and careless learning. However, both are totally different. Comfortable learning is to cover all the parts comfortably and carless learning is to cover some topics and leave some or cover all but remember none. This thing has both positive and negative sides with a major proportion of the negative side due to the sudden change in the studying pattern which is harming the educational arena of class 10th students.


Even though the flexibility has emerged due to the current pandemic occurring worldwide, this has led to both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are in the part that the students can learn and study as per their convenience and don’t have to adjust. But the disadvantages are that it has led to the loss in the study curriculum and has acted as a barrier in the gaining of knowledge in the lives of students. As we all know that the students who have been promoted to class 10th this year, or we can say the students of batch 2020-21, are facing major loss. The main reason is that they are deprived of their classroom learning sessions and are unable to go to any other place as well. The chance of flexibility has led these students to face a lot of problems due to which they are facing many hurdles and are unable to perform well in their academics. You can also read out 10 Recommended Books For Every Class 10 Students


This is the major effect that has taken place due to the current pandemic spreading like fire all over the country. This cause of disruption has led the students to go lazy and careless towards their studies. The cutting down of syllabus to 25% has also led to a huge loss in their knowledge gaining part which is leading the future of the students in danger. Class 10th is considered as the first major turning point in any student’s life. These sudden changes have led these students to struggle along with several other external factors that have led to many drop out cases worldwide. So, what the students of class 10th need to do right now is to make sure that this sudden disruption does not harm their future studies as well. They need to maintain consistency during these hard times as well so that they can come up strong after this hard time and struggle to get over. Here you got the points on how COVID-19 has changed the study pattern of class 10th students due to the current pandemic prevailing all around the world. Here is the 8 Ways To Prepare For Class 10 Exam

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