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Training & internships

Students at Techno India University, West Bengal enroll for Industrial Summer Training during the 2 nd or 3 rd year of their academic programmes to enhance their strategic problem solving skills which prepare them to take on the challenges of the corporate world and build successful professional careers ahead. Credit points are allocated to ensure that the students benefit from these programmes conducted by many reputed MNCs. Winter training programs are also organized for students who cannot pursue the Summer programme. Students also get to participate in these programmes conducted in countries such as China, Germany, USA & France.

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Incubation Center
Techno India University, West Bengal is on its way towards reaching unprecedented standards of success in innovation and technology. This reputed university, together with global partners, have been empowering technology entrepreneurs through a real-world experience. The Incubation centre at Techno India University, West Bengal forges a strong collaboration between the university and industry. This centre provides a strong point of presence in the international platform. There is an emerging focus on ideation, market research, strategy development, pitching and prototype enhancement. These partnerships have successfully produced outcomes, including sustainable incubator labs, skills transfer networking.
The incubation centre at Techno India University, West Bengal further seeks to promote:

1. Future development of Incubation Centre into a technology park that will channelize the proper transfer of knowledge.
2. In the long run, the presence of major international companies will help keep the university abreast of the latest technological trends and developments.

Admission Open 2023