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7 career tips in philosophy after class 12th

Students often find it difficult to differentiate between various fields of life of different kinds. In this article, we will be going through a few details about philosophy, what it is about, how to pursue a career and a degree in philosophy and make a successful life out of it. In this article, you will find the career tips in how and why you need to pursue philosophy after the 12th class. Here is article on 7 Career tips in philosophy after Class 12th

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is a Greek word that can be divided into two to understand the meaning of it. The first part “Philo” means ‘love’, ‘dear’, ‘beloved’ in Greek while the second part “Sophy” translates to ‘Wisdom’. Therefore, in simple terms, Philosophy means the love of wisdom. However, in the modern world, it means a lot more and can be viewed as the study of various aspects of life such as behavior, knowledge, existence, the purpose of life, why we do the things that we do, what is it that we seek, the purpose of human life, etc.

What does it do?

Like other professions in life that are fixed to their domain such as doctor saving lives and helping people or engineers sustaining life, unlike these, philosophy is much broader. It helps people to understand and get to the bottom of why, how, when, what of everything that exists in this world. Oftentimes, philosophers guide people through their emotions and actions to help them see clearly and make better life decisions and to understand the true purpose, goal, aim of their respective lives. This career tip will you pursue philosophy after the 12th class.

Why is it needed?

Philosophy is one of the most interesting subjects to exist because it forces one to think and ponder upon things and matters and issues that they would never have done in their life. It teaches students the various perspectives of life, how different people view different things, singling out bad behavior or bad morals, and understanding the nature of humans. People who study philosophy are rational people who can successfully jot down their thoughts for the rest of the world to see and to understand and to benefit from. Many popular reasonings and theories would not have existed if it were not for the famous philosophers of our times. This career tip will you pursue philosophy after the 12th class.

Are you interested?

This can be quite tricky as many parents and students don’t even have a clue about what philosophy is that is exactly why earlier in this article, we explained the points thoroughly. Since philosophy sounds quite similar to subjects like psychology, often, people tend to think it is something related to the mind, which it is, but not from a medical perspective. Students should really think about what they’re interested in, as the study of philosophy can get quite complicated and contrasting but if it is really what they are interested in, to study the living beings underworld and everything that it contains in its purest form, then students should definitely go-ahead for it without thinking twice.

Degree in philosophy

The most common philosophy degree to exist is Bachelor of Arts in philosophy where students study various subjects related to the field and may even get hands-on experience in the same. They are taught by professionals in the industry, however, books by famous philosophers and authors can be extremely effective as well and students should try to incorporate these books in their daily life as they are philosophy students and even make for entertaining reads. Another degree that exists is a Bachelor of Science in philosophy with Logic and Science. It deals with various topics in philosophy using a logical, analytical approach by concluding various theorems and proofs for different topics. Therefore, students who are interested in philosophy, as well as mathematical logic, should go for a Bachelor of Science in this program as it will benefit them.

Subjects and Topics

Philosophy, as a subject is extremely broad and deals with various topics related to social life, economic, politics, logic, aesthetics, reasoning, etc. Subjects that students will study in a program of philosophy include – Indian philosophy, western philosophy, philosophy of religion, Greek philosophy, Issues and drawbacks in philosophy, various philosophers and their field of study, Social and political philosophy, logic and reasoning within philosophy, History of philosophy, applied philosophy, Ethical philosophy and philosophy related to science, to list a few. All these subjects will help students understand various fields In philosophy and also help them understand if they are actually interested in the subject and therefore, before making a decision on colleges and degree programs, students should go through the subjects and the various topics that are in a philosophy course. This career tip will you pursue philosophy after the 12th class.

Colleges and Career Options

There are numerous colleges across the country that offer a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and also happen to be one of the most reputable colleges in India. There is no entrance test for most of the Bachelor of Arts in philosophy programs and the lowest cutoff is 55%. Therefore, students must try to score as high as possible in their exams. Students who are pursuing this program must also be from the arts and humanities stream background and have studied subjects like civics and history in their senior secondary. Where is job opportunities after the philosophy degree include working professionals such as teachers, professors, writers, authors, advisors, consultants, and much more?

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