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7 Tips on B. Pharma after 12th

B Pharma or otherwise known as Bachelors of Pharmacy, this is an undergraduate degree. This degree is one of the most popular medical degree in today’s world among students. Students learn more about different types of drugs and medicines. They focus on the study of drugs and medicines, in chemistry look into organic and inorganic consumption drugs. Here is article on 7 Tips on B. Pharma after class 12th

This B Pharma degree is not that difficult compared to the other medical degrees. If you are very keen in learning about different types of drugs and medicines then this course is more for you, if you are interested in learning a particular course then you will excel it easily, if you are not interested then you will find it hard no matter how hard you try.

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Why is it important?

B Pharma course is really very important course as without this degree there wouldn’t be any more advanced medicines available to cure such incurable diseases. This degree ensures the elongated life of any individual by consuming a particular specified medicines people are cured and bought back to a proper health. The new and continuous process of new drug discoveries are very helpful for the people of now as well as future generations. There so many more viruses and diseases out in the open which are yet to be even discovered. These are some of the important reasons as to why this degree is so vital and needed in life.

Other Benefits-

Pharmacy generates positive health by easy recovery with the help of drugs and medicines. The help in maintaining and regaining all the bodily disabilities, it promotes curing of infection and in relieving pain. The pharmaceutical researchers try to reduce the medicinal side- effects by working on them. Drugs and medicines are made to have the ability to cure and work safely as well as effectively. The manufacturing of medicine wouldn’t be possible without the pharmaceutical people. Pharmaceuticals are the people who diagnose, treat a patient, cure their disabilities and prevent from catching on any more diseases. These are some of the other benefits we get if we have a pharmacist in between all of us.


Bachelors of Pharmacy- (B Pharma) is an undergraduate degree, this degree takes up to 4 years to complete it and it consists of total 8 semesters. Students can do a Diploma course which is a 3-year long course, students can study further in pharmaceuticals after their bachelor’s degree, they can pursue a Master’s degree IN Pharmacy- (M. Pharm), Doctorate in Pharmacy– (Pharm. D). This course offers you a wide job or career opportunity. Students also have to pass certain entrance exams to be able to get an admission in Bachelor’s in Pharmacy. Entrance exams like- GPAT- Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test, TS EAMCET, WBJEE or BCECE etc.


To be eligible to apply for this course, students need to be 12th pass with minimum passing marks which is 50% from any recognized boards, colleges or university, and students with a background in Physics, Chemistry, and biology as well as math are very much preferred and can apply for Bachelors of Pharmacy degree. Students also need to pass their entrance exams to be eligible, another thing is that students who have done a Diploma in Pharmacy– (D. Pharm), these students are also eligible to study for a bachelor’s degree. So, these are some eligibility rules which student need to adhere themselves with to be able to pursue this degree.

Universities or Colleges-

There are many universities or colleges in India as well as in foreign countries which provide this course. Some of the entrance exams are provided in some of the universities. Students who wish to study in abroad should keep a look out for foreign universities or colleges, so that they can get faster admissions in their desired universities. Some of the top universities are-

In New Delhi, Jamia Hamdard University

Pilani, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS)

In Mumbai, Institute of Chemical Technology

Ooty, JSS College of Pharmacy

Manipal, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jaipur, Poona College of Pharmacy

Vadodara, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Chennai, SRM Institute of Science and Technology


There is a wide career scope in this field, Pharmacy is in demand a lot career wise, since with new technology and new innovative medicines inventing on a daily basis and curing of the incurable diseases takes place. The students have a very bright future ahead of them, there are certain career options like- Drug researcher, Drug inspector, Clinical researcher associate, Pharmaceutical scientist, Marketing executive, or a drug sales person etc. There are many more options related to this course.


The starting salary for students who are just freshers are up to INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 per month. As you gain mor experience and qualification your salary gradually and eventually increases. You have a chance to earn more than this in abroad that’s for sure.

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