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7 tips to crack Delhi University Entrance Test after 12th

One of the most prestigious university in India, Delhi University has its own reputation. Indeed, this is often described as the dream University of many students. Getting an admission in this university is considered to be a privilege. This might lead students in a often state of confusion. Hence, at CareerGuide.com we have simplified these steps for you. This article is constructed using some of the most effective but simple advices to help students get admission in Delhi University. These 7 tips are a must to follow if you want your name to be added to the alumni of this prestigious university. Here is article on Class 10th or 12th

Delhi University, officially known as the University of Delhi, is a premier public university located in New Delhi, India. Established in 1922, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in India. Delhi University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in a wide range of disciplines, including arts, commerce, sciences, social sciences, law, education, engineering, and technology. The University of Delhi is a federal university, consisting of numerous colleges spread across Delhi.

The Technicalities

Before preparing for any exam, it is advised to the students that they do a thorough research about it. This implies that student or aspirants should know the syllabus , the length of questions and question paper. Students or aspirants should also know the important dates. This includes date of application, date of admit card release, date of exam, date of result and date of counselling. The benefit of knowing all the exam details is that students can plan accordingly. This also avoids any last minute panic episode.

Understand what you are facing

Study your enemy understand its strategies and weapons, only then you can practice to defeat these words are not just to create a writing eloquence. Indeed this words can be used to excel in any exam. Once you know the type of questions they are bound to ask, you can prepare accordingly. The students or aspirants can work on the high yield topics in the exam. Certainly, this will to know the strong and weak zones of the students. After this, students or aspirants can give enough importance to that particular topic. If this is not done, efforts can be put in wrong direction. Ultimately this will render no result. Specially for Institutes like Delhi University, efforts in the correct direction are prove to be highly valuable.


Keep an Aim

It is imperative for students to keep an aim, a target. Many students or aspirants work towards a non specific objective. This does not often play in the favor of getting into the dreamed University. With high prestige Universities like Delhi University, marks are very important. Hence, students are advised to look into the past few years results. After that, take an average of the highest scores achieved. This will the aim the students or aspirants should work towards.

Plan your schedule

Systematic planning and organizing is the key to success. Planning of things before hand help to maintain a steady pace. It also drives away confusion and irritation that students or aspirants face whenever they are tackled with problem. The things about Delhi University which can help you to plan are- Delhi University Entrance Exam is an annual entrance exam. So you have ample of time to finish portion as well for revision. This one advice can be the foundation of the plan of action for many of our readers.


Gather the study material

The type of study material you choose is an important factor . This does not define your rank in only Delhi University Entrance Exam but also in multiple other prestigious exams. Remember, a trusted faculty should always be approached for solving and doubt. More or less, remember that notes are best when hand written. After this, it is easy to revise your important points from the handwritten notes. It is advisable to the students that they stick to only one source of information. Information from too many places can often create a havoc.

Health is always important

Taking Risks (23)

This is an universal fact. It is important for students or aspirants not only preparing for Delhi University Entrance Exam but also for other aspirants too. It has been found out that students skip their meal or break their exercise routine. This is done so that much more time is devoted to studying. But students need to understand a strong mind is only possible after having a healthy body. The equation healthy body equals to healthy brains always stays true. It is advisable for students to at least have 4 to 6 proper meals in a day. Also, an important aspect of health is to have a sound sleep. Sleep is the body’s method to rejuvenate brain.



It is an ancient saying, ‘Practice makes Man Perfect.’ But we believe, repeated practice makes a student a ranker. The secret to getting in the Delhi University or other prestigious university is not in joining the best classes or having the best notes. In fact, the secret lies on the other side of the court. The secret is to engage in repetitive practice. Keep practicing, because that is what is the simplest task yet most difficult habit to inculcate.

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