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Entrance exam or 12th exam what should students focus more on?

There comes a time in every science student’s life where they just feel overwhelmed because of the insurmountable work and pressure they face. For most students, this time is usually two to three months prior to their board examination as well as their entrance exams. Many students prefer to appear for the entrance examinations after their board exams, the most popular entrance exam for science students is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) & Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main and Advanced. Here is article on Entrance exam or 12th exam what should students focus more on?

While preparing for their pre-finals and airborne exam students also constantly worry about how did my perform in dead entrance exams since scoring good marks in  Class 12th only is not enough, students also need to score an exceptional rank to get into top colleges and institutes such as NITs and IITs. And often, students find themselves asking whether the hustle should be greater for their board examinations or the entrance examinations, what matters more? what is more important? In this article, we answer all your questions related to such doubt.

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The first and foremost thing all students need to remember is that planning is key. Whether you have to focus more on your entrance examination, or your board exam depends heavily on what college you want to get into. There are a few entrance exams like the KCET and EAMCET that calculate the rank on the basis of both board results as well as students’ performance in the entrance examination. However, national-level entrance exams like JEE and NEET have no weightage for 12th board exams but a good score in 12th board exams is definitely required to appear for such national level entrance exams. Therefore, if you want to get into colleges like IITs, NITs, AIIMS, then you must focus a tad bit more on your entrance exam preparation but also try to score your best for your board exam so that you have a backup plan as well.

Prioritize your time

If students are still confused as to what to prioritize and what not to, then they can just ease themselves by thinking a lot of the portion of board exams and entrance exams is similar. Many people say that if you can clear JEE and NEET papers then you are good to go for your board examinations as well, while many others say that a full, thorough preparation for board exams is sufficient for appearing for entrance exams and no extra coaching will be required. Both may be true but also depends a lot on the student. Many entrance exams have a curriculum that is based almost 90% on NCERT textbooks, the same textbooks that the CBSE board follows for their students. Therefore, if you study the NCERT textbooks thoroughly you will be good to go for your board exams and entrance exams and just have to give yourself a little push in different directions while practicing for papers.

Work Smart

Preparation for exams is as much about planning as it is about studying and learning. Therefore, every student should divide their time according to what they think needs more preparation and plan to the best of their abilities. For subjects like mathematics, biology, and chemistry, almost the entire curriculum is the same for board exams on entrance exams so students don’t need to study twice, they just need to study hard and deep as even little or unimportant topics from NCERT textbooks can be used against them. A few discrepancies occur for the physics curriculum though, as there are a few topics that students need to cover for board examinations but not for their entrance examinations. In such a case, it is the students’ decision on what to leave and what to study but it is always advisable to study everything.

Don’t Stress out

It’s can be quite overwhelming and pressurizing when studying for exams that you know carry such importance for the rest of your life and it is easy to lose sense and track of reality when doing so, but students should know that this is harmful to their health and their studies in the long run. There are plenty of ways for students to reduce their stress levels and still focus on their preparation and score exceptionally well.

Don’t neglect one side

Planning and organizing is one side, the other side is to implement it. There are plenty of students who successfully make a timetable, follow it for a few days, and then become too demotivated and less determined to follow it any further. This will harm no one but them. Hence, no matter how many students try to figure out what examination is more important, and the end of the day, both exams mean a lot and must not be neglected as both exams have the power to make or break your future.

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