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8 tips to crack NDA after 12 class

In this article, we will go through some of the tips to crack NDA after class 12th. 8 TIPS TO CRACK NDA AFTER CLASS 12th. National Defence Academy Entrance Examination, popularly known as NDA Entrance Examination, is one of the most sought after examination after class 12th. This examination is for those who want to go into the defense under various different fields such as army, navy, and Air Force,  after class 12th. Here is article on 8 tips to crack NDA after Class 12th

The examination is conducted two times a year where more than 5 lakh students appear. After the clearing of the written examination, there is also an interview of the shortlisted candidates. Below are some of the tips and tricks which we will discuss to help the students, after class 12th, crack the NDA Entrance Examination.


Learn to play with numbers

There is a big section of numbers which is considered a big part of the entrance examination. Maths section is an important part of the NDA Entrance Examination. You need to have a solid grip on the maths portion so that you can clear the examination with a good percentage of marks. The number section, which includes the Maths portion as well as the reasoning part is important as your interest with numbers and reasoning part is important. There is a big chunk of the portion of the NDA Entrance Examination which includes numerical as well as the reasoning.

Memorize the difficult words

There is a separate portion for the English part which checks your vocabulary and other grammar skills. So, you need to work on your vocabulary and improve it to the desired level, as required in the NDA examination. Class 12th English is not enough as it includes basic to moderate level vocabulary. You need to have a rich vocabulary in order to secure the English Section with good marks. You can adopt some habits such as reading English newspapers, English magazines, and articles. While reading, collect the difficult words that come across and memorize its meaning with the help of a dictionary.

Previous Year Papers

To clear any competitive examination after class 12th, you need to go through the previous year papers of that field in order to get an idea of the pattern for which you are preparing. This will help you to know the parts as well as sections. By analyzing the papers closely, you can mark out some of the questions which are coming frequently as well as those which are based on a particular topic. This will help you to know the parts where you require an in-depth knowledge of the same.

Clear your basics

Clearing the basics for any competitive examination, such as NDA or CSE or JEE (Mains and Advanced), after class 12th is equally important as going through the previous year papers. To get a hold of basics, you are required to revise and read the junior level topics again. The major focus should be on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Maths subjects. Clearing the basics of these subjects is the main requirement in order to make sure that you can confidently solve these questions.

Stress Management

One of the most important tips is to manage your stress while working effectively. Stress is the most common factor which occurs while preparing for the Entrance Examination and thus requires better management for it. The best way to manage your stress is to do meditation. Meditation helps you to release stress by calming your mind and helps you to focus on the studies. Your brain starts to work more productively as all the stress gets away after doing meditation.

Smart study

You must have always heard that you need to work hard to get success. But hard work is not always the key. There is also one key aspect is the smart study. To crack the NDA Entrance Examination after class 12th, you can look at the tip of the smart study. Smart Study is one of the most effective tips to get the desired results in this examination. You can set up your specific targets as a part of a smart study and go through that part.


Determination is another important aspect which is as important as the smart study tip. Determination is required without any point to go through this short yet tough journey of hard and smart work to reach to your goal of cracking this examination. You need to make yourself dedicated towards studies. To start for this preparation, you need to have a firm determination so that you can focus in your studies without any disturbance.

Be aware of your surroundings

Being aware of the surroundings is another part which holds a complete section in your entrance examination. There is a section in the question paper which is basically about the current affairs and the general knowledge part. This part has a vast syllabus in itself without any prescribed syllabus. You need to be aware of what is happening around the country as well as the world. For this part, you can go through the newspapers as well as the social medias.

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