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8 Tips to crack UPSC exam after 12th

In this article, we will discuss some important tips to crack the UPSC exam after class 12th examinations. 8 TIPS TO CRACK UPSC EXAM AFTER CLASS 12THUnion Public Service Commission Examination, popularly known as UPSC Examination, is one of the most popular examinations. Based on the previous year records, it is observed that there are more than 7 Lakhs each year, with less than 1% success ratio. It is no doubt that cracking UPSC Exams after 12th is a tough nut to crack. Most of the aspirants wish to crack this UPSC exam in their first attempt. But clearing such a difficult examination needs proper planning. But do not forget the part that this examination is not just for the toppers or academic achievers. Even an average student can clear this examination. What is required is just a proper strategy. So, below, we will discuss some of the tips which will definitely come in handy to crack the UPSC exam after 12th, better known as Civil Services, examination. Here is article on  8 Tips to crack UPSC exam after Class 12th

NCERT is bible

Yes, you saw it right. Your first and foremost task is to cover all the topics from the NCERT. You must be thinking that if it is such a tough examination then why do we need to study such a less level and not the advanced section. Well, the reason is that you need to have a strong base to build up your knowledge. If your basics are weak, then whatsoever you will learn at an advanced level, will not have proper grip and understanding. Just as in a game, where you need to clear level 1 to reach to level 2 with some experience, you need to clear your basics to get the grasp over the advanced knowledge.

Graduate from the right stream

Choosing the right stream for yourself is indeed a great challenge in which most of the students fail. If you’re determined to clear this examination, you need to start preparing yourself right after class 12th. After your class 12th examinations, decide what topics are strong and what are not. Choose the stream in the graduation which you want to choose as an optional subject in your Civil services examination. The optional subject requires a deep knowledge of the subject which you have chosen. Similarly, the subject which you pursue in graduation is also an advanced level of a particular subject. So, if you choose wisely after class 12th, you have a higher chance of clearing your examination with a good ranking.

Keep yourself updated

Keeping yourself updated to the current situations prevailing around you is extremely necessary as nearly all the questions are interlinked with the current affairs part. Not only the questions which you see, but there is a separate part of the general knowledge and current affairs section. You need to have a keen knowledge of the events, whether it is social, political, environmental, or economic. A clear knowledge of all the current news is required. For this, you can refer to the monthly magazines published by the government as well as the daily newspapers.

Knowledge of the root

Understanding the subject to its root is very important as the question have no particular range to come from. So, the whole understanding of each topic is required in order to be ready to solve any question that may come in the examination. Civil Services examination is known to have a large bank of questions where less than 3% of questions repeat in the examination. This clarifies the part that it is important to have knowledge of every part under each topic and subject.


Self-motivation is very important for a civil services aspirant. The syllabus is so vast for this examination that it makes the journey long and tough. Without any motivation, it will be more like a burden on yourself which will make it harder to complete the journey. Most of the students leave the path in between because of this reason only. You need to be self-motivated every time after you clear your class 12th examinations. The belief, as well as the motivation, is like a reminder to let yourself know that you can clear the examination.


Taking the examination preparation casually will make your results casual too. Cracking the Civil Services examination is not a piece of cake and requires regular hard work and practice. You must have heard that time is precious and we must learn to utilize it. So, consistency plays a vital part in your strategy to clear up the examinations. A strategy that includes consistency to its best is the way to clear the examination without any doubt.


Personality reflects a lot about you. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, ’Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.’ The final stage of the CSE includes interview series which checks basically your personality and presence of mind. If you think that knowledge is enough, then you may not have the knowledge of the whole pattern. CSE not only checks your knowledge but also your personality which includes the presence of mind, your thinking capacity, and the other personality traits. From the prelims stage to the final stage of the interview, what is checked is your personality. So, do not immerse yourself in just books. Maintain a good personality of yours as well

Time management

“Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.” – Miles Davis Based on what Miles Davis said, it clarifies all the doubts about your preparation for Civil Services Examination or CSE. Time does not wait for anyone. All the preparations and the strategies are rested on nothing but time. You require a proper time schedule so that you can make your strategies based on the appropriate division of time. You need to utilize your time rather than wasting it because you cannot afford a wastage of time if you are determined to clear this examination. This determination is required just after class 12th, as this is where your seriousness towards your journey begins.

I hope this article, will motivate you to crack the UPSC exam after class 12th and give you the amazing start to your future.

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