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8 tips to pursue B.Sc geography after 12th

We would be nowhere without geography. We would not know that the planet we live in isn’t flat, we wouldn’t have discovered America, we would be scared to explore the seas, the lands, and everything that it contains. Contrary to popular belief, geography is not only about valleys, thermal power, dams and bridges, land, and ocean. Mainstream geography is mainly divided into human geography and physical geography. Human geography, as the name suggests, deals with humans and how human activities affect the land, water, air, etc. Here is article on 8 tips to pursue B.sc geography after Class 12th

While physical geography deals with our planet and its various constituents in its raw form such as minerals and resources, forests and swamps, the climate, rocks and mines, and so much more. It is safe to say that humans would be a lost cause without geography. If at all you are a student who is interested in studying about the earth and everything that it inhabits, and the human population, then geography is the right choice for you. The most popular undergraduate course in geography after class 12th is to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography. In this article, we mention a few tips on how to pursue B.Sc geography after the 12th.

B.sc geography

12th Result matters

Students who would like to pursue a career in geography, tend to be from the arts and humanities stream. Many students from this stream tend to slack and not care about their future because of the lack of support and motivation from their families and friends. Such students need to know they are doing themselves a lot of harm by giving in to such negative remarks and should instead focus and prepare for the future. Since admission into a Bachelor of Science program in geography does not require any entrance exams or qualifier tests, your chances of being admitted into our top Institute depends entirely on your board examination results. Therefore, try your best to achieve the best as it could, quite literally, make or break your future. From this tip, you can pursue B.Sc geography after the 12th class.

Admission into a reputable college

Now that you have completed your 12th examinations and have received your results, you should be thinking about what colleges you need to get into. The better your college is, the better your placement opportunities will be, and the more skill and knowledge you will gain. There is no such thing as aiming too high when applying for colleges but at the same time, students need to be realistic. Apply for colleges and institutions that suit your needs, offer everything that you would want in a college, and gives amazing opportunities to its students for a successful career.


The hard truth of life is that shortcuts work only short term and the only success formula is to work hard with determination and focus. For arts and humanities students, a lot of rides on their exams as subjects need tend to be quite theoretical. When such is the case, students need to focus extra hard on their performance in college to avail maximum benefits after college. From this tip, you can pursue B.Sc geography after the 12th class.

Get Practical Exposure

it is important for students of all streams and fields to get practical exposure before they venture out to do jobs in the real world and the best way to do so is through internships. Internships are a great way for students to get work experience, form networks, learn and engage in practical, real-life skills. There may or may not be credits awarded for internships and such internships, are usually unpaid. Students can choose to pursue internships in physical or human geography, depending on their interests; but must make sure that whatever it is that they do, they gain relevant skills from it.

Securing a degree

There’s no magic formula for securing a degree and all that students need to do is get good grades for three years of their degree, be awarded credits for their work, learn practical skills and that’s pretty much it. There are plenty of options to think about after you have completed your undergraduate program and every student must consider every option and opportunity carefully before deciding on something. From this tip, you can pursue B.Sc geography after the 12th class.

Know your options

As mentioned earlier in the article, mainstream geography is divided into two sub-fields, but within those two sub-fields, there are plenty of other divisions that lead to many different job roles and job descriptions. Considering the fact that you have successfully completed your graduation, you need to know the various options present, whether or not you are interested in any particular field and upon doing so, set out to work.

Plan for the future

Whether your initial plan was to pursue a bachelor’s degree and start working or opt for higher education, choosing to pursue a master’s degree tilts the bar in your favor, especially considering that you already have some work experience. If you really think a master’s degree can be beneficial in your career, then you should go for it.


Students who have decided to pursue a post-graduation program in geography need to know that unlike the undergraduate program, admission in the post-graduation programs in colleges requires students to appear and clear an entrance exam that is usually conducted by the college body itself. There is no specific specialization in an M.Sc. Geography degree just like a B.Sc. degree.

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