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8 tips to pursue Master’s in Commerce after 12th

“Commerce links all mankind in one common brotherhood of mutual dependence and interest.” – James A. Garfield. Master’s in Commerce- (M. Com), is learning and focusing on one particular area which concentrates on theories, commerce, accounting, and things related to economics. They also focus on Financial Services, Marketing, In project management. Here is article on 8 tips to pursue Master’s in Commerce after Class 12th

Students can choose their specialized courses from these options like- Organization Theory and Behavior, Economic Analysis, Financial Management and policy, Managerial Accounting, Statistical Analysis, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Quantitative Techniques for business decisions, Accounting Theory and Practice, Human Resources (HR) Management, International Business, etc. There are so many specialized courses students can choose from if a student wants to pursue a career in Commerce and want to pursue a master’s in commerce after 12th.

Why is B. Com important?

Master’s in Commerce– (M. Com), is very important. Commerce is a subject which takes care of all the goods transports, banking process, business, accounting process in-depth, etc. Commerce is something we need for proper functioning and maintaining commerce of the world. If there was no stream like commerce there wouldn’t be a proper building of economy in any country. Commerce is a stream which gives out more opportunity for the future employment of many people, it also provides e-commerce services and processes, simple trading is also possible within the country as well as outside the country or even internationally. Commerce is a subject which concerns itself with multiple commodity or stock exchanging and buying as well as selling concepts. This stream wraps itself around the needs and wants of consumers or sellers and also this increases the standard of living or quality of life for the people around us.


As mentioned previously above, commerce still has many other beneficial qualities to it as a subject. Commerce looks out for and concentrates on taking care of the national income of a country, and it also helps in the development of the underdeveloped countries, and this supports a country in their times of some emergencies. It may put pressure on increasing the international trades in order to expand other things like- Advertising, insurance, communication, and banking, etc. Commerce is the base for improved and healthy functioning of the world, and with functions even more perfectly when other streams work with it like- Arts and Science Stream. So, these are some of the other benefits of doing a Master’s in commerce stream.


Students should have finished with their Bachelor’s in Commerce degree to pursue a post-graduate level course of Masters in Commerce. This program is about 2 years long course and students will be studying commerce in more detail. Students can specialize more in Master’s in Taxation, Master’s in Accounting, Master’s in Finance, Master’s in Economics, Master’s in Banking, Master’s in Statistics, Master’s in Marketing, and many more specialization courses are available. Students can also in foreign universities or colleges if they get a chance or just simply want to, they get more exposure and experience in abroad which they may not gain here. So, these are all the courses students can opt for as their Master’s Degree.


Students need to be aware of certain eligibility criteria if they want to pursue a Master’s degree in Commerce. Students should be 10th and 12th pass with a minimum of 50% from any recognized board or universities. Students should also have passed their Bachelor’s in Commerce degree with a minimum of 50% marks from any recognized universities or colleges. Students of another category like- (SC, ST, OBC) need to have passed with a minimum of 45% to be eligible to apply for this course. There is no specific age limit for the master’s degree in commerce. So, these are some eligibility criteria which student needs to adhere to, to be able to apply for this degree.


Master’s in Commerce is a popular degree which is offered by many universities and colleges within India as well as outside of India. Some great universities or colleges within India are as follows-

These are some of the universities in India known for having a Master’s in Commerce. There are a few more universities or colleges which provide a Master’s in Commerce as well as Ph.D. in Commerce if a student wants to opt for that degree as well.


There is a wide scope career scope in this field of commerce, students can work in or as- an Accountant, a Finance Manager, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant– (CA), Risk Analyst, Entrepreneur, Lecturer or a teacher or professor, etc. There is a various job opportunity in this field.


Students who have passed out with a Master’s degree in Commerce will earn at least INR 5 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs in almost any field of work.

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