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9 Scope of learning a foreign language after class 12th

Indian students have a fair advantage when it comes to languages. It is common to see students who are bilingual and even tri-lingual, this is because students learn English as it is a compulsory subject in school and can also speak another language, their mother tongue. A few students whose mother tongue is not Hindi/Urdu can speak more than two languages as they learn Hindi because of its common usage throughout the country. However, if foreign languages and culture are something that interests you, then you can go the extra mile and learn another popular language like Spanish, or German, or even Arabic. Learning a foreign language after 12th can be very engaging but also requires efforts. There are several advantages to learning a foreign language after class 12th, in this article, we list a few out a few that can give you a brighter future.  

language after 12th

Increases brain power

Numerous studies have shown that when you start learning a foreign language after 12th, it increases your brain capacity. It is no different than learning how to talk when you were a child, in fact, it’s all the harder when you are a grown-up as learning something completely from scratch to the point of fluency doesn’t come easy. This means it requires more effort than usual subjects and this effort that you put in is bound to help your brainpower.

Sharpens memory

It is said that the part of your brain responsible for language is highly flexible, so when you do start learning a new language, you involuntarily agree to develop your brain as well. You will realize soon enough that you have enhanced thinking abilities and a more intellectual touch your thoughts and opinions. Therefore, you will be able to focus on other subjects and matters much better too, whether it is your board exam or entrance exam, you will have an upper hand.

Plus, points on your resume

When your resume shows that you can speak two or more languages fluently, you instantly score yourself bonus points. There is no concluded reason as to why employers are impressed by bilingual speakers, but the popular opinion is that they come to believe you’re up to any task and a quick learner which will always help in a professional working environment.

foreign language after 12th

Ability Multitask

Leaning a new language or any new skill, for that matter, has been proven to better multi-tasking skills. This is because learning a language will engage different sections of your brain and utilize its maximum power. That we use only 10% of our brain is a complete myth, a storyline adapted by many sci-fi storytellers and directors. Neurologists do not point put a specific percentage but say that majority of the brain is always active. But to develop your skills and power, you must work on them, and language is the perfect solution to it.

Improves Social skills

Picture this: You are in the USA; you know how to speak English and can carry about a conversation easily. Although there is nothing wrong with interacting with only a few groups of people, by learning a new language such as Spanish which is spoken a lot in The States, you can broaden your horizon and interact with so many other people of other cultures.

Better problem-solving skills

Think of learning a new language as an exercise for your brain. Learning letters and small words are just a warm-up. As you keep learning new words, pronunciations, sentences, and the ability to communicate, your mind will develop skills such as problem-solving. This means, not only have you learned a new language, but you are also better at solving math problems!

foreign language

Amplifies confidence

Having any skill that not many possess always makes humans feel special and more confident about themselves. The same applies to be able to speak multiple languages. When you know two or more, you know you are more open and able to communicate than others around you.

Improves decision making

By now, you must have already realized the advantages that learning a language has on your brain and its potential. Just another to that long list of pros is better decision making. This quality can help 12th students especially, as they have plenty of important decisions to make after their board exams such as their college, their course, jobs in the future etc.

foreign language after 12th

Better perspective

All your life you have grown thinking about and practicing your native culture and being connected to western culture as well, courtesy of your family and your education, respectively. When you learn a foreign language after 12th, you choose to see beyond that, you choose to learn and educate yourself on a tiny part of this vast world. It helps you empathize with people stronger; it has the ability to change your opinions and beliefs or make them stronger. It can give you a better perspective on life.


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