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All you need to know about the Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT)

“Success is not determined by attitude, but rather by aptitude.” Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) is an entrance exam test for the architect students, students who wish pursue further in JEE Advance and want to study Bachelor’s in Architecture, This exam can also be held at the national level in which students are supposed to use their JEE Advanced current year ID’s or Admit Card. Here is article on All you need to know about the Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT)

Architecture aptitude is used on students to understand and help students in getting new perspective views, Multiple yet minimum dimensional drawings teach us how to reason analytically, learn different color schemes, making innovative abstract pattern or shapes.


What is the Bachelor’s in Architect?

Bachelor’s in Architect is a popular undergraduate degree, Architect is all about planning, constructing, building, designing of buildings, empires, mansions, etc. This degree is for people who want a change in the “Now” society, this generation has different taste of ethnicity, style, ideas. So, this degree helps those students build a better future house with their creative ideas. They make people comfortable with the new idea of living and for their betterment as well. This degree duration is a 5-year long course. And students can pursue even further by studying Masters in Architecture (M. Arch) as well as Ph.D. in Architecture.


Students have to not only give an (AAT)- Architecture Aptitude Test but also have to be qualified in their JEE (Advanced) to be eligible. Your 12th marks are also taken into consideration and students are also tested on the basis of their sketching or drawing abilities when they give their (AAT) – Architecture Aptitude Test. Their (AAT)-Architecture Aptitude Test is approx. 3-hour long exam and is conducted only in one language English, so students should be proficient in that particular language. Students are expected to bring their own tools or equipment during the exam.

Students who wish to be able to give (AAT)- Architecture Aptitude Test should make sure that when filling the JEE Advanced registration form, they should mark that they also choose the option there to give the Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) beforehand, then only will they be allowed to give their Architecture Aptitude Test. They have to keep their identification card safe from their JEE Advanced as they don’t provide a different Identification card for the (AAT)- Architecture Aptitude Test separately. There is a particular site link through which students have to finish to online registration. Students who are interested in this course need to give the above mention exams to be able to study the architect.

What should you know for your AAT exam?

Students should be prepared in terms of knowing or having information regarding simple but necessary things or information like- having the information on general knowledge or having simple information on the daily updates or new creations in the field of Architect. They should be aware of the everyday change and should be able to keep up with them.

They should have the basic to some deep knowledge about a particular famous spot or a famous building at least they should be aware of their history as well as their background. They should regularly practice freehand drawing, sketching, geometric drawing, etc. This helps students sharpen their artistic moves as well as allow them to think more and be more innovative.

When you practice this more you understand how you draw and why you draw, when you look into your piece you find peace. This helps students also to release stress and their anxiety. Drawing more can increase their creative spark and make them curious and curious to unravel more artistic artifacts we have around us. This also helps them as this boosts their confidence and enhances their quality of drawing as well as thinking.

Selections and Result

Students are honestly not really selected on the basis of their marks or their marks status in (AAT)- Architecture Aptitude Test but on the basis of their creativity and innovative ideas. But they do consider the student’s 12th marks from a recognized broad. Students should have passed with at least a minimum of 75% and students from other categories like- (ST or SC or OBC) students should have passed their 12th exams with a minimum of at least 65% from a recognized board. Students with a background in Math, Physics, or English are definitely preferred more.

As for their results in (AAT)

Architecture Aptitude Test, they don’t show any particular percentage or marks but just show simple status like- Pass or Fail just like it shows in other exams like in NPAT it’s the same. It’s simple, students who have reached the required cut off mark limit pass and who didn’t fail.

Exam Zones

There are about 7 exam centers or zones where students are given the opportunity to choose the center which s suitable for them. The exam places are- IIT Roorkee, IIT Mumbai or Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati.

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