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Importance of classroom learning for class 12th students

In this article, we will discuss the importance of classroom learning for class 12th students. 7 IMPORTANCE OF CLASSROOM LEARNING FOR CLASS 12th STUDENTS. Most of the students in the prevailing situation usually avoid going to school. The main reason is that there are a lot of restrictions in the classroom sessions and the students feel bound to follow those instructions. However, the classroom learning session still holds great value in the lives of students, especially those of class 12th. Here is article on Importance of classroom learning for Class 12th students

To answer the question that why classroom learning is important for class 12thstudents, we are going to discuss some of the things which are considered important in the life of a student and can only be inculcated through the importance of classroom learning sessions.

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It is not possible for students that they continue their classroom sessions without having a proper interaction. The interaction does not mean only the interaction with your friends all day long. The interaction also includes an interactive conversation with the teachers as well. This type of interaction is only possible in a classroom as there are problems with internet connectivity issues while using any other methods. So, classroom learning which helps in interaction of class 12th students helps the student to learn the skill of interaction and expressing their views and doubts.

Social Acceptance

If you think that online education helps the child to learn in a better way, then there might be chances of having such thoughts on the wrong end. Class 12th is a period that is crucial in every student’s life. Whatever you learn and experience in this period stays with you for a long time. Classroom learning teaches you this social acceptance around you. For instance, in a class not all the students of the batch can be the same. So, in that case, you learn how to cope up with the situation while still focusing on your studies and your work. This social acceptance gets vanished when there is no classroom learning.

Personality Development

    Personality plays a vital role in an individual’s life. The most crucial period of this personality development starts from class 10th and continues up to class 12th. While sitting at home and attending classes, you avoid the points where you understand the value of personality traits while getting socialized with people face to face. Classroom learning plays a vital role in this case. They help the child to learn the importance of improving the personality while interacting with the people in a particular society. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the child to have classroom learning sessions where they can learn a lot.


Behavioural Development

Now another question comes that how behaviour gets developed through classroom learning sessions, for class 12th students. The behavioural development gets takes place through this session only. While attending the classes, you get to learn how to behave with a different type of persons. You also learn about how to talk with what type of person. It helps you to learn the way of behaviour which start getting realize when you get learning in a particular classroom. The personality and behaviour of a person tell a lot about him and this gets only developed through the early period in your life.


    There is nothing to explain in the fact that school is all about discipline. Discipline is taught to a child for nearly 12-13 years of his life so that they understand the value of it and start implementing it in their real-life major situations. Class 12th is a period that requires a lot of discipline to achieve the result which they want. It seems like completing a milestone with a proper strategy. 
This value of discipline is learned through the classroom learning where you are taught that in what and which manner you need to implement this value so that you are able to achieve all your targets whether it is getting good marks in the final board examination or achieving a good ranking in a competition.

Clear Goal Setting

Classroom learning holds a major portion of the studies and learning the topics based on the curriculum. The everyday classroom learning helps students, especially of class 12th, to focus on their goals. They continuously motivate the students to do their best and keeps reminding them of the value of this time period and the requirement to achieve good marks in this stage. This interactive session is what you start to miss when you are unable to take the classroom sessions as you get room to escape from the motivation and look at the other side. However, in the clear goal-setting session, you only get the room to understand and implement the teachings provided by your teacher.


Opportunities are something that you miss the most as there are several opportunities that get a hold of when you are present physically. The opportunities provided to class 12th students helps them to learn the concepts better. For instance, if there is a debate related to a particular topic in a classroom, you get a proper chance to listen. However, while using any other method for a whole bunch of students from different places, you do not get the chance to listen to every view and opinion. It just gets limited between you and the mentor, even if taken effectively.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Why is classroom learning important for class 12th students?

Students in the 12th grade benefit from classroom learning because it gives them access to an organised learning environment. Students have the chance to engage with one another and learn from one another in this setting, which also features a skilled instructor who can offer instruction and direction.

Q:What are the benefits of classroom learning for class 12th students?

For many reasons, classroom instruction is a terrific method to learn, particularly for kids in the 12th grade. For pupils in class twelve, some advantages of classroom instruction are as follows:
  • Environment with structure: The classroom setting offers pupils an organised learning environment. This contains a predetermined curriculum, regular due dates, and chances to get instructor feedback. Students that require a lot of structure and direction in their learning may benefit from this.
  • Teachers who are qualified: Students who learn in a classroom have access to teachers who are capable of instructing and guiding them. These instructors may aid students in comprehending the subject matter, honing their abilities, and achieving their objectives. Students in the 12th grade who are preparing for college or other post-secondary school may find this to be extremely beneficial.
  • Peer interaction: Students have the chance to engage with one another while learning in a classroom. This can support kids in developing their social skills, fostering connections, and learning from one another. For class 12 kids who are trying to connect with others and create new acquaintances, this can be extremely useful.
  • Collaboration: Students have the chance to work together on projects and tasks during class instruction. This can assist pupils in honing their cooperation abilities and learning how to collaborate well. For class 12 kids who are prepared for the workforce, this can be extremely useful.
  • Access to resources: Students who are learning in a classroom have access to resources including books, computers, and libraries. These tools can aid students in learning the content, finishing their tasks, and becoming ready.

Q: What are some of the challenges of classroom learning for class 12th students?

Although taking classes might be a terrific method to learn, there are drawbacks as well. The following are some difficulties encountered by pupils in class in the 12th grade:
  • Time commitment: Attending classes might take a lot of time. It’s possible that students will have to spend time outside of class researching, doing tasks, and getting ready for tests. Students who participate in extracurricular activities or who have other obligations outside of school may find this to be particularly difficult.
  • Group work is a possible component of classroom learning. Students who struggle to communicate their thoughts or who are uncomfortable working in groups may find this tough.
  • Exams are a common way for classroom learning to come to an end. Students may experience stress throughout these tests, and passing them may be challenging.
  • Different pupils have different learning styles. While some students learn best by reading or engaging in hands-on activities, others benefit most from listening to lectures. For kids with learning styles that are not well suited to the typical classroom setting, classroom learning may not be the ideal option.
  • Teachers who are challenging: Some educators may be more challenging than others. Students may find it difficult to learn the information and do well in the class as a result.
  • Distractions: Noisy classrooms might be upsetting. Students may find it challenging to concentrate and learn the content as a result.

Q:What are the challenges of studying humanities in DU?

The difficulties of humanities studies at DU include:
  • The workload may be substantial.
  • There may be a lot of competition.
  • The topics might be difficult.

Q: What are some tips for succeeding in classroom learning?

Here are some pointers for achieving success in the classroom:

  • The most crucial thing you can do to excel in classroom learning is to routinely attend classes.
  • Take part in class debates: This is a fantastic method to learn from the instructor and other students.
  • Ask questions: If there is something you do not understand, seek the teacher’s assistance.
    Regular study will aid in helping you retain the information and get ready for tests.
  • Time management is crucial if you want to have enough time to study, do your tasks, and be ready for your tests.
  • Locate a study partner: You can learn the topic more efficiently and remain motivated by studying with a buddy or fellow student.

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