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Dec 21
Sharda University Course Admissions: Charting Path, Eligibility

Nestled amidst the bustling energy of Greater Noida, India, lies Sharda University Course Admissions – a beacon of academic excellence and highbrow exploration. For over two many years, this esteemed organization has empowered infinite students to carve their own paths, reworking goals into thriving realities. A Legacy of Brilliance, a Community of Brilliance Sharda University […]

Sep 01
10 positive effects of social media

Some positive effects of social media on students is to maintain relationships with friends and family, work together on projects, access educational materials, get job advice, connect with mentors, create their own personal brand, keep up with current events, improve their digital literacy skills, learn about other cultures, and have fun. When utilised appropriately, social […]

  • College Life
Aug 14
Fakir Mohan University: Courses, Placements, Scholarship, Fees

Fakir Mohan University is a state university located in Balasore, Odisha, India. It was established on July 3, 1999, and is named after the prominent Odia writer Fakir Mohan Senapati. The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and offers a wide range of undergraduate (UG) , PG courses , and M.Phil courses […]

Aug 11
MJPRU Admit Card 2023 : Latest Updates, Exam Form & Pattern

For undergraduate and graduate programs including B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., M.A., M.Com., M.Sc., etc., Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU) has announced the admit cards. Students can access the UG/PG annual exam admit card link on the MJPRU University’s official website to download their admit cards. The students must provide all necessary information, including their roll […]

Jul 22
9 Negative impacts of hostel life on a student

Every student at one point or another in their lives dreams of going to the best college in their respective fields, but many times they need to leave their home to fulfill it. There are many factors, which make the students go the hostel like rules in university, different locations, ease of transportation, or even […]

Jul 06
Negative effects of social media on students

In this growing era of social media in teenagers and students, it is necessary to know whether social media does more positive or negative to mental health. According to a report on students almost 95% of teens have smartphones, and about 75% of teens are on various social networking sites and, about 85% are on YouTube. Here […]

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Apr 10

Do you complain about forgetting facts easily or feel that you have the poorest memory in the world? Or do you feel that it is hard for your brain to grasp and learn things quickly? Do you think that your brain performs real slow? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the brain that you are born with. […]

Mar 20

Each one of us aspires to be the best. We all are blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. It is really important to keep learning more about the things we are passionate about or discover something new and to keep growing. Without being a good observer or learner, one cannot excel in […]

Nov 29
Ethical Hacking and the issues related to it?

What Is Ethical Hacking? Hacking refers to gaining unauthorized access to the data on someone else’s server by breaking into the system. Ethical Hacking is about gaining authorized access to data to identify potential vulnerabilities in a system to protect it from malicious hackers. Ethical Hacking is nothing but a kind of security check test […]

Oct 28
Way to Improve Your Way of Writing

Handwriting is the way of writing. As the machine uses various fonts to display text, so everyone has a unique writing style. Handwriting can be defined simply as writing with the hands of yourself. Each individual has a writing style. And those twins with the same look and chromosomes are handwritten differently. One individual can […]

Oct 23
Money Investment Tips for Students

Finalizing how to invest capital can be an actual challenge. Throughout the years, a total of thousands of wealthy investors have been consulted to obtain financial advice and their considered tips. If you are a young adult who is willing to start saving, 50 who are willing to pay off a mortgage, or a senior […]

Oct 07
FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

WHAT IS FOMO? FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. It is a real phenomenon and one of the most extensive unfortunate consequences of social media. FOMO is a kind of anxiety or fear and a feeling or perception that happens when a person is scared of missing out on a good experience that someone […]

Oct 07
New Education Policy (NEP): 2020

The “New Education Policy: A Progressive Policy with Diverse Challenges,” in a real sense, is true to its literal meaning has outlined a lot of changes in the existing education structure with a vision to reform it on par with developed countries. The Union Government has approved the New Education Policy (NEP) and released to […]

Oct 01
Why does society need to be more empathetic?

Studies have shown that, quite ever, empathy is the value most earnestly required within the world now. Empathy guides us to another level of consciousness and knowledge with a human-to-human connection through noble and genuine emotion, thought, and learning. Empathy is being there for somebody with a sympathetic understanding of whatever potential is required. From […]

Sep 29
Are the Gen Z kids over with reading books?

Reading was once a part of important recreational activities. It used to be something the children, the teenager’s and even the young adults used to love to do. There was no rush on using mobile phones or playing computer games. Life was pretty simple if seen from the young adult viewpoint. However, in today’s changing time,  […]

Sep 27
Why COVID is affecting the life of healthy young adults

Coronavirus is a pandemic no one really saw coming. After a lot of confusion and disarray even when the researchers have figured out how to prevent the virus from spreading, it is still doubtful if that is actually helping. As per the idea telecasted towards all of us, it was seen coronavirus was affecting more […]

Sep 27
6 Negotiation skills to win over People

What is Negotiation? Negotiation is the process by which people try to settle their disagreements. It is a method in which settlement or compromise can be reached without dispute or conflict. Anytime a disagreement occurs between two people or sides, they always look for their side’s best desirable outcome. In reality, one side rarely gets […]

Sep 25
Are the Gen Z kids ahead of their times

Who are the Gen Z kids ? The kids born after the year of 1996 are the kids of the generation Z. However, the Gen Z kids are not the millennials. The millennials are the ones from generation Y, who came during the time of great recession around the globe. However, after the Covid-19 hit, […]

Sep 23
Strategies for saving cash on textbooks

There is no question that the cost of textbooks in college is the highest. The tragic thing is that you spend hundreds of rupees on textbooks which you use only just once. I’ll give you a few of the best financial ideas you will ever learn before we dig into the suggestions. It’s pretty straightforward, […]

Sep 23
Pandemic and its affect on student mental health

The pandemic has taken a toll on almost every individual’s life. The unavailability of any proper social and economic guidance has made a lot of people naive about their futuristic goals. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the students have been in a disarray to find a balance between their personal and educational needs. […]

Sep 22
The Thinking Skills you don’t know about

Critical Thinking Critical thinking skill is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. Critical thinking has been the subject of much debate and thought since the time of early Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates and has continued to be a subject of discussion into the modern age. […]

Sep 21
10 Educational Tips for Students to Top in Exams

There are students who have a sense of competition among themselves. They always try to come first in class or become a topper. They have a clear goal, but unfortunately, not all can become a topper. We have come up with a few strategies and Educational Tips for Students, tools that most of the top […]

Sep 21
21 Day rule to build good habits

First of all “What is Habit”? Habit is something that you do regularly or an addiction. For example  Brushing your teeth every morning and every night is an example of a good habit.    Being addicted to heroin is an example of having a heroin habit.    Getting the habit of drinking coffee.    Sleeping […]

Sep 21
Peer pressure and student life

this article discusses what peer pressure is and it affects a student's life. As discussed in the article, there are positive as well as negative effects of peer pressure. It is not a topic that can be ignored but is of great significance and the message conveyed through the article must spread to every teenager or a student. This will help a student to get motivated by knowing the positive impacts of peer pressure. It will help students to focus on their goals and work towards achieving them.

Sep 20
8 inspirational books to read in your free time

In the present world, reading is one of the most crucial traits to pursue. Good books shape your whole personality, way of thinking & your observation power; everything will change by reading. You can realize the change in you. Reading also helps you become a well-informed, rounded person. Every book or it is better to […]

Sep 20
Impact of the lockdown on the Student’s career

The current Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the entire mankind. The lockdown, on top of it, has affected the entire economy and jeopardized job prospects for many. With this current scarcity of job requirements, many new graduates are left with denuded opportunities. Unemployment is rising during these tough times and is gravely impacting different job prospects. […]

Sep 19
10 Mental Illness Signs Students Should Not Ignore

This article is about the signs and symptoms that show if a student is suffering from mental health issues or illness. It helps students to identify any of these signs and motivates them to seek the help of a mental health professional if necessary. It discusses the signs in detail so that students can read this article carefully and understand the concept properly. This will in turn help them to identify the symptoms in them and take the right steps to keep themselves mentally fit and focus on their career.

Sep 19
Ways you can beat phone addiction

Since the advent of digitalization, phone addiction is very prominent in young adults. And thus phone addiction could be life-threatening if not done something about it. In fact, high chances you won’t even realize youare an addict until it’s too late. Research says that 33% of teens do not even turn off their devices during […]

Sep 17
8 Tips to make yourself focused

Human have only 8 seconds of focus there are lot of things that the human brain can get distracted but there are few things that you need to get to teach yourself for not getting distracted and get yourself focused, so here let me let get no some of the tips and tricks to get […]

Sep 15
6 Reasons for mental health issues in students

This article discusses the signs of mental illnesses among teenagers in detail. Mental disorders result from complex interactions between a person's genes and their environment. A person struggling with mental illness should not be viewed as any different from someone who is experiencing a physical illness. your well-being matters. Mental illness can affect family, friends, or even our communities. But, we can help make a difference by learning to recognize the signs of mental illness. Thus, this article will be of great help as it emphasizes on those signs.