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Every student at one point or another in their lives dreams of going to the best college in their respective fields, but many times they need to leave their home to fulfill it. There are many factors, which make the students go the hostel like rules in university, different locations, ease of transportation, or even for the experience. Students hesitate to go to the hostel for various reasons. Here are some negative impacts of hostel life on a student.

I hope this will help you have a clearer idea about hostel life and its impacts.



After staying alone in the hostel for years, the student might get detached from the world. As they have managed everything by themselves, they get into a habit of doing things on their own and independently. It results in over independence. They also get out of habit to live at home and may feel interference with family members when asked about general matters.

Improper practices and addiction

When staying in the hostel, many times, students acquire habits that are not good for them and many times illegal too. Practices like taking drugs, smoking, addiction to alcohol, and other harmful substances are observed in students of various colleges. When a student is in the hostel, they are responsible for their safety and well being, so it depends on the students whether they choose the right path for them.


When staying alone, the student also faces the failures alone. When these failures are not taken care of properly, it may lead to depression. Students get depressed due to different reasons like their academic performance, friends problems, relationship problems, or any other problem students generally face in college. Some students are shy, as a result, they hesitate in sharing their problems and many times end up having severe mental disorders. Students should always take care of their mental health when staying in the hostel. This is a major negative impact of hostel life which should addressed in a mass, as depression cases in hostel students are increasing day by day.

Negative impacts of hostel life on a student such as depressio

Suicidal thoughts

The suicide rate of students staying in hostels is much higher than those staying in their homes. When staying in the hostel, students experience various kinds of pressure, and they are supposed to fight them on their own. As a result, students many times attempt suicide as they think there is no other way out. Awareness about mental health and suicide have nowadays increased. But students still hesitate to talk about it due to all societal pressure and stigma.

Waste of time

When staying in the hostel, track of time is generally lost, and students waste a lot of time in various activities such as gaming, social media, binge-watching, and many such activities. Even during exams, students play games and watch movies or series. All these have a negative impact on students as these affect their career and future. 

Negative impacts of hostel life on a student such as improper lifestyle

Lack of cleanliness and hygiene

When staying in the hostel, students need to clean everything on their own, and due to laziness, they don’t tidy their room. As a result, they spoil their habits and health. It is also a concerning negative impact as the students may receive a life long disease.

Improper lifestyle

When staying in the hostel, students have independence in terms of how they want to live. When students misuse this independence. They adopt wrong food habits and careless attitude towards studies. As there is no one to correct them or to show them the correct path. As a result, they many times choose an improper lifestyle, which is very concerning as it affects their mental as well as physical health. 

Unhealthy relationship

When staying in the hostel, the students are free to stay out till very late and are free to move where they want to. Thus, as a result, many students waste their time. Students are free to have a relationship. As a result, many end up in a wrong relationship. It many times ruins their career, as they might get obsessed, their focus changes from their academics to other unfit activities, or they get over-attached to their partner. 

Negative impacts of hostel life on a student

Wastage of money

When staying in the hostel, students have money of their own. Many students waste the money on outside food, movies, rides, and other such things. Thus, they get a bad habit of spending money improperly. It can cause them trouble in the future. 

These were some negative impacts of hostel life on a student when they misuse the freedom given to them.


Note from the editor– We hope this article will help all those in need. As mental health is a very concerning topic in today’s world, always seek help when in need. There is nothing to be ashamed of while asking for help. Before taking any rash action, think for the consequences it will cause. And always remember, solutions come before the problems. It is to find it as nothing in life is a dead-end. 


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