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Why participating in co-curricular activities is good for students?

Whether it is debating, cultural events, sports events, elocution competitions, art, and craft competitions, writing or poetry competitions, quizzes. There is always some or the other co-curricular activity going on in school. Many students shy away from such opportunities and only participate in the constant persuasion of their teachers or parents. Here is article on Why participating in co-curricular activities is good for students?

This is because students feel they do not have enough of what it takes and have no self-confidence in themselves. But teachers and parents see the potential in students much more than students see in themselves. That is exactly why they ask many of their students to participate in such co-curricular activities because it is quite obvious that participating in such activities is on overall benefit for the child. In this article, we mention some of the reasons why co-curricular activities should be taken up by students especially from 9th to 12th class.

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Builds confidence

There are countless students who face stage fright and that is one of the biggest reasons that stop them from participating in any competition or activity that requires them to go on a stage or speak to an audience. Although it may be hard at first, with constant practice and determination, your stage fright will reduce overtime and you will have better confidence in yourself. It is important to remember that activities that require stage presence can be daunting, but it is only through pushing yourself that you will achieve self-confidence. Notice it yourself, the first time you speak to an audience, you will be much more scared than you will be the second or third time.

Improves communication skills

One of the biggest side advantages of having confidence in oneself is that you will be more aware of your surroundings and you will have a command in the room. Through participating in debate competitions or elocution competitions, students will develop their vocabulary, pronunciation, pitch, body language, and much more, which will make them better speakers and improve their communication skills by a whole lot.

Better social skills

When you participate in any event – sports or cultural or academic, there are high chances that you are not the only one and there are plenty of other students from various different classes and sections that are part of it as well. Whether you are working individually or in the team, you will interact with these people through a course a few days or even just a few hours, but that is enough to improve your social skills as you are broadening your horizon and your social circle by socializing with people outside of your class. This will help you in forming better networks throughout your life and also gives you an edge when reading people.

Develops their personality

By interacting with different people for different causes and engaging in something apart from schoolwork, the students start to see many different things around them that will help them grow as a person. These lessons and values will stay with them for a long time. Take, for example, someone who is interested in sports. They are likely to develop a more healthy-competitive spirit in life than a student who does not.

Improves time management skills

This rings especially true for sporting events such as relays and races. Sport students need constant practice and must learn to manage their sports and academics. This will lead to better time management skills as both are important for them and they know they have to make it work, so they try their absolute best to divide the time in the most efficient manner.

Makes the aware of interests

It is only through experimenting that you understand what is good for you and what is not. When students take part in such activities, they understand if the said activity is their cup of tea. Being aware of their likes and dislikes can help them make better decisions in life and even allow them to take unconventional career paths. As a result, they can do something that they love for the rest of their lives.

Teaches moral values

When participating in activities such as debate competitions or quizzes or sports, students often work in teams. It is through practical exposure that people get to know the value and importance of teamwork and leadership skills. By working with people that have the same interests as you, yet coming from different backgrounds, you develop better morals such as helping one another being kind, better leadership skills, the importance of working together as a team, etc.

Boosts academic performance

When you engage in something that you like; it improves your brain’s performance as well. You are likely to be more energized and in good spirits when you participate in an activity that you like. This will extend towards your academics as well, and if you manage your time properly then, you might also be able to score better marks in your subjects.

So here you will find some of the reasons why co-curricular activities should be taken up by students especially from 9th to 12th class.

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