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Scope of pursuing commerce after 10th

If you’re good with numbers, good at dealing with a large number of data, have a taste in finance and economics, then commerce stream will suit you. Commerce is a popular choice among students after passing 10th standard. The range that the commerce stream offers is one of the main factors that attract students. This career has many difficult challenges and practical facts added to it. Most students opt for Commerce because they want to know the subsequent steps and strategies that help them in business to be successful. Here’s are scope of pursuing commerce after 10th.

After completing 10th grade, students have the option of choosing commerce as their stream in 11th and 12th grade. Pursuing commerce after 10th can lead to a variety of career paths in the business world. Here are some of the options available:

Chartered Accountancy (CA): After completing 12th with commerce, one can pursue a CA course which is a professional degree in accounting and finance. This is a highly reputed and well-paid profession.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): After 12th, students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce which covers subjects such as accountancy, economics, finance, and business studies. It is a three-year undergraduate course.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): This is a three-year undergraduate degree program that covers various aspects of management studies. Students with a BBA degree can pursue MBA after graduation.


What is commerce stream?

Commerce as a stream can be defined as a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services. The main subjects taught in this stream are  Accounts, Economics, Business studies.

Subjects in commerce stream

The Commerce stream is divided into three main subjects namely accounts, economics, business studies/commerce. English is compulsory and students can choose one additional subject as per their interest for a total of 5 subjects. Some schools do not offer mathematics as an optional subject rather a compulsory subject in the commerce stream.

Economics– Basically everything related to the economy is taught. Demand, supply, national income, production, and cost concepts, etc.

Accountancy– It focuses on financial information about a business entity presented in the form of statements and accounts.

Business studies– It will introduce you to the concepts of marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and business world.

English- English is a compulsory subject. It will include fiction and non-fictional stories and poems.

Optional subject- Hindi/ Mathematics/ P.ed/ FD/ Computer, students can choose any one out of them as their optional subject.

Courses available

In today’s scenario, commerce has become the most favorable career choice in India. Students studying under Commerce stream have a thoughtful outlook on the outside world. This career has lots of difficult challenges and practical facts added to it. Some of the best career opportunities courses after taking commerce are-

  • -B.Com
  • -B.Com (Hons)
  • -Bachelor’s in Economics
  • -Chartered accountant course
  • -Company secretary course
  • -B.Com LLB

Courses irrespective of the stream

  • -BBA
  • -BA
  • -BA LLB
  • -Bachelor of Management studies
  • -Bachelor of Hotel management
  • -Integrated BBA+MBA
  • -Bachelor of Interior Designing
  • -Bachelor of Design (Accessory)

And many more…..

Career opportunities

Every field or stream offers various different and interesting career choices along with it. The career choices are plenty but you ought to opt one which you feel more inclined towards. Below listed are job profiles related to the commerce stream-

-Banking jobs
Chartered accountant
-HR Executive
-Account executive
-Investment banker

Cons of commerce without mathematics

No, as such disadvantages are present, It clearly depends on what you want to pursue in the future and your interest. Some restriction you might face are mentioned below:-

—DU Colleges demand commerce+maths for B.COM(Hons)

–To pursue a BA in economics (Hons) in DU it is mandatory to have studies maths in class 11&12.

–If you want to pursue a CA course without taking maths then in the CPT exam you might face problems in the quantitative aptitude section as it includes the syllabus of maths of class 11th&12th.

Pros and Cons of taking Commerce


  • -As the subject matter deals with the business world, management, accountancy, economics, etc it gives you vast knowledge regarding these subjects and you are totally aware of all that is happening and can judge what is good and bad.
  • -It is in great demand and has high scope.
  • -It also opens global opportunities with high-salaried positions along with the opportunity to start your own venture.
  • -Opens a wide variety of jobs.
  • -The jobs made available by this are extremely relevant and important. Every company needs a CEO, CA, a Financial Planner, and an Auditor.
  • -High pay jobs like jobs of a stockbroker, CEO, CA, CS is what a commerce student can get.


  • -The major disadvantage is students taking Commerce cannot switch to science, whereas science students can switch to commerce-related fields
  • -At times Commerce without maths kills career opportunities.
  • -It is very important that the student is comfortable with analyzing and dealing with numbers else will have a tough time in accounts.

Students who wish to choose the commerce stream should understand that this subject is not the easiest alternative as compared to science. Science and commerce cannot be compared with each other. Therefore, if a student wishes to pursue the choice of making a career in the Commerce stream only because they feel that science is not for them and if not science then eventually commerce stream then they need to rethink their priorities.

Stream Selector Test

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