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Category: Career Counselling for 12th Class

Aug 08
Are study groups a hit or miss for board exams?

Preparing for board examinations can be one of the most daunting and surreal experiences of a student’s life and how they choose to do it depends entirely on them. Some prepare and follow rigid timetables, some do as they will, and some don’t study at all. But it is through observation that you can find […]

Aug 07
8 points on How to reduce societal pressure for exams

There exists no adrenaline rush like the adrenaline rush during exams. Trying to cover months of portion in a few days, practicing as much as you can, getting on with your daily tasks, having sleepless nights, and pulling all-nighters. Exam stress can really get to you and one thing that does not make it any easier is […]

Aug 07
8 Common yet big mistakes students make while preparing for exams

You might think you have mastered the art of studying and writing exams. However, there are plenty of mistakes you do not even realize you are making. During your exam preparation and while writing your exam you must have heard innumerable methods from your teachers, parents, and seniors on how to properly study and how to […]

Aug 06
8 points on How surroundings affect students’ studies?

Many find it hard to believe but multiple studies have proved that the environment a student studies in plays a huge role in their productivity and learning ability. Surroundings are not only limited to the external environment and materialistic things, but it can also be extended to the people around a student, their company in […]

Jul 27
7 Tips to learn map in 12th Geography

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to learn maps in class 12th Geography easily. 7 TIPS AND TRICKS TO LEARN MAP NAVIGATION FOR CLASS 12th GEOGRAPHY. Geography is a tough subject to learn in class 12th. It is interesting yet difficult. Class 12th Geography is divided into two parts. The students find […]

Jul 22
Hobbies that Increase Productivity in Academics too

A saying goes that ‘no man is happy without a hobby’. Everyone needs a hobby in life to pass time by enjoying themselves, hobbies often turn into something a lot more meaningful when one makes a career or a living out of it. But this doesn’t have to be the case all the time, as […]

Jun 24
Delhi University: Aptitude test for State board students

Delhi University: An Aptitude test for state board studentsAn aptitude test is conducted to access the skills, knowledge, ability & personality of the students & candidates. There is an aptitude test conducted on @CareerGuide.com also. Many students ask, is it necessary to take an aptitude test before choosing a stream? An aptitude test is necessary […]

Jun 23
How to make the most of career counselling after 10th

Career counselling can be life-changing for the people who choose to attend it. Often the first time anyone goes for career counselling is when they have an important life decision to make. For many people, it is when they are in class 10th that they need to decide which stream they want to opt and […]

Jun 23
9 Scope of learning a foreign language after class 12th

Indian students have a fair advantage when it comes to languages. It is common to see students who are bilingual and even tri-lingual, this is because students learn English as it is a compulsory subject in school and can also speak another language, their mother tongue. A few students whose mother tongue is not Hindi/Urdu […]

Jun 21
9 tips to know About Accounting Courses after 12th

In this article, we will discuss some fascinating tips to know about accounting courses after 12th. 9 TIPS TO KNOW ABOUT ACCOUNTING COURSES AFTER CLASS 12th. There are a huge plethora of opportunities for those who have commerce in their class 12th and want to pursue their higher studies under the accounting field. There are […]

Jun 21
8 piece of advice for your best career after 12th

Graduating and leaving school for good can be daunting. It is scary to think you are just a few years away from being an independent grown-up. At the same time, there is excitement and naive curiosity as to what the future beholds. Although parents, teachers, relatives, and friends advise the just-graduated student on how to […]

Jun 20
Best reasons to opt Humanities after 12th

This blog talks about variety of options provided in the field of humanities. Talks about how the field Humanities is all about culture, art and language. It focuses a lot on different aspects of life, it shows us life as it is and how colourful it is. It is one of the easiest yet challenging courses one can study. It doesn’t rely on facts and proofs but more on critical analysis, on ideas and different perspective. This degree is perfect for you if you are passionate about- art, music, writing and…

Jun 17
8 career tips in BDS doctor after 12th

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, popularly known as BDS, is one of the most rising careers, gaining ground rapidly. It is considered to be a designated degree of dentists. BDS is said to be equivalent to MBBS and the majority of the student take up this course after they refuse or move on from MBBS. BDS […]

Jun 12
7 Tips to crack BITSAT entrance exam after 12th

BITSAT stands for Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test. It’s popularly known as BITS Admission Test. It’s a computer-based examination. Knowledge required for this examination is not only full filled by NCERT books. You need to keep on reading different books for a different subject. Duration of examination is for 3 hours & […]

Jun 09
7 Motivational Netflix movies for students

Netflix has been a been a big success in terms of an entertainment platform. In fact, it has become so versatile in the context of the diverse genres it provides to the users. Right from comedy to crime thriller, from documentaries to science fiction, Netflix has it all. In this article, we bring to you […]

Jun 03
8 little things which can impact 12th studies

10th and 12th are considered to be the most important part of a student’s life. They are the turns which decide the paths you will continue to walk on for your career life. As these stages carry immense value, they are also supplemented with various obstacles and problems. Some of these affect the studies of […]

May 08
7 tips for career in journalism after 12th

Journalism is a very important aspect in today’s world. It is not only a crucial factor in spreading news but also has been a platform for a lot of creative people. Also, a career in journalism after 12th has grown and includes a number of sub-areas under it. These may include news reporter, newspaper, film […]

May 05
8 Unconventional career choices you can make after 12th

People get higher degrees to get good jobs but instead getting higher degrees you also do some vocational courses. But what about those who do not have any degrees and interest in academics, even they should have given chances to do well in their career. So they worried about their future though they have a […]

Apr 25
8 steps to your career as an Airhostess after 12th

Airhostess is the greatest job and it has a good career ahead. An Airhostess is a reputed job across the world. Those who are interested in travelling this is the best job for them. This job makes a person self-dependent with sufficient salary. A good salary also appears your status of living. This working field […]

Apr 25
9 best humanities courses after 12th class

“You can’t enjoy art or books in a hurry.”, is one of the most famous quotes used to define the ever-intriguing field of Humanities. It allows the students to take a dip in history, know about all the politics, and date back the earth itself. But while you explore this vast field through the two […]

Apr 23
Reasons to take career counselling for class 12th

The number of choices available after class 12th board exams has increased significantly and so has the confusion. The requirements for various courses have also been modified and students from different streams such as science, commerce and humanities may be able to pursue the same course. In order to avoid going on the incorrect career […]

Apr 21
10 tips for BHMS course after 12th

The medical healthcare sector is full of opportunities to help the humans. It is the ultimate sector that works towards the betterment of society and with no greed in mind. This healthcare consists of various opportunities for people to find their employment. Healthcare courses include various medical and paramedical BHMS courses after 12th which work […]