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Critical Analysis Of Sociology as a Career

This is an attempt to analyse unique features of the study Sociology, we are going to look into both good and bad features of this study and come into a conclusion. This guide is to help people considering studying Sociology, we want you to see and be aware of all aspects of this study before making a decision for yourself.Here is article on Critical Analysis Of Sociology as a Career

High Demand for Sociologists: Sociologists are in high demand in many sectors. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of understanding social behavior and the impact of social policies on their stakeholders, they are seeking sociologists to provide insight and analysis.

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Sociology focuses on social science and social behavior. It inspects institutions and phenomenon within groups of people, and researches into causes and effects of these social structures. Sociology deals with both qualitative and quantitative research, this qualifies this study to be very diverse and interesting.

A lot of people confuse Sociology with other social sciences, this is a very wrong misconception. Sociology is a very different study; it has different principles and foundational theories if compared to any other social science study. This field majorly focuses on human interaction and group dynamics.


This course will offer you diverse opportunities which ranges from advertisement, criminal justice and law enforcement, human resources, and leadership training. Government and private services of security, research, academia, social work are also areas where sociological knowledge is a desired. Sociology is a great strength in different fields of employment, and it is profitable as well.

This study has been a great foundation in shaping the personality of the students, this course will change the way you approach the world. This course is going to educate you with various issues going around in the world, you will know your society better. Furthermore, if you want to participate in social change and take part in activism, this course is going to give you the drive you always needed. This is not just academic but also inspiring in so many ways.


Sociology as a discipline, is very diverse. Therefore, you can graduate in it or major in it and choose a variety of different courses for yourself. Opt for Sociology, if you’re driven and passionate about this subject. If you’re academically driven or want a career in research, Sociology is the best choice for you. Many people accuse Sociology or any liberal arts subjects to not be very lucrative, because it is does not offer an immediate outcome like other streams. Well, according to us, Sociology is the best stream to opt for if you want to increase your understanding about the world around you, it also helps you improve your critical thinking capabilities. This discipline develops a well-rounded individual and prepares them for the future.

You must keep in mind, that if you want to take up Sociology as an academic research or if you want to get into the field of education in future, you must prepare yourself to study beyond just MA in this discipline. The more you’re qualified, the more your chances to secure a position in academia. Therefore, you must pull up your socks, and be ready to devote yourself into extensive engagement with this subject.


It is saddening to see the level of contempt associated with any arts subject, people tend to underestimate the potential of students pursuing a career in any subject of humanities.

Sadly, this mentally of our society dominate many of our decisions and we end up pursuing something which is not our passion- the reason why we find one out of every three students taking up engineering in India. Against all of these stigmas, we urge each and every student to take up the subjects of their own preference. We often let the society take our own decisions, and that’s the worst mistake one can ever make. Never lose grip over your calling!

Sociology, is a very liberating discipline, no other stream is going to frame your personality so elegantly as Sociology. This discipline won’t just make your college about studying rigorously to pass your examinations- basically how all other students from different streams look at college life- but, it is going to allow you explore many diverse things, it’s going to give you the opportunity to try different things, it’s going to help you to articulate your arguments better. You become a more conscious and an empathetic individual after pursuing Sociology. Therefore, it will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and for your future.

We cannot stress on it enough, how wonderfully this disciple is going to provide you with the liberty over your thoughts. After taking up this discipline, you get to know your society better, and that will allow you to navigate all the injustices and wrong-doings going around you. It allows you to have a far-sighted and prudent vision, it will provide you the strength to question. Therefore, this discipline, is not just going to shape your future, but the person you are. You will want to question all degenerating practices with reason and rationality. This is not just a subject for study, but a subject for change!

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