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Category: Educational News

Aug 04
The Role of Internet in Education

The internet has revolutionized the way we access and share information, making it an indispensable tool for education. Here is an article on The Role of Internet in Education Introduction Savvy and Affordable Education Successful Teaching and Learning Tool The Internet empowers maintainable turn of events Connection with Digital Media Simple Access to Quality Education Student […]

Mar 24
National Education Policy 2023

The National Education Policy 2023 is a policy document released by the Government of India that outlines the vision and direction for education in the country. The policy aims to transform the Indian education system to meet the needs and aspirations of a 21st-century society National Education Policy 2023. National Education Policy 2023 School Education […]

Mar 24
Role of Education in Women Empowerment

Education plays a crucial role in empowering women by providing them with knowledge, skills, and confidence to participate fully in society. Here are some ways in which education can help empower women: Introduction What is Women Empowerment? Role of education in women empowerment Education is the manifestation of women empowerment Enhances digital skills Significance of […]

Nov 07
All about Indian Education System

Introduction The individuals who learn at schools, colleges, universities can upgrade their insight utilizing the instructive writing, reference book, references, word references, information bases, which are uninhibitedly gotten to, taking an interest in separation instructive courses, in cooperative activities with understudies from different schools, colleges, nations, talking about various issues with them. Thus, the chances, […]

Oct 28
3 Education scenario after Covid-19

The freezing and extreme effect of COVID-19 has shaken the world to its center. Further, the vast majority of the Governments around the globe have incidentally shut instructive establishments trying to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In India as well, the administration as an aspect of the cross country lockdown has shut every instructive foundation, as a result of which, students going from school going kids to postgraduate understudies, are influenced. These cross country terminations are affecting over 91% of the universes' understudy populace. A few different nations have…

Oct 27
Covid-19 Education: Alternatives and New opportunities

As a component of the push to contain the spread of the Covid, public spaces, for example, schools, colleges, and workplaces are shutting down so individuals can remain at home and forestall additionally spread. In nations, for example, China, where testing and isolate measures were taken, the spread had the option to level out. Measures that are taken to slow the pace of contamination incorporate social removing, limits on function sizes, and home isolate when important. Shutting schools and workplaces guarantees that individuals can restrict their connections with others and eases…

Oct 27
7 Consequences of school closures during COVID-19

This article discusses the consequences of school closures due to the covid 19 pandemic. Most governments around the globe have incidentally shut instructive establishments trying to lessen the spread of COVID-19. Starting on 30 September 2020, roughly 1.077 billion students are at present influenced because of school terminations in light of the pandemic. As per UNICEF checking, 53 nations are presently executing cross country terminations and 27 are actualizing nearby terminations, affecting about 61.6 percent of the world's understudy populace. 72 nations' schools are at present open.

Oct 27
8 Impacts of Covid-19 on education

Most of the information gathered on the number of understudies and students affected by COVID-19 has been determined dependent on the conclusion of formal instruction frameworks. The UNESCO Institute for Statistics gives figures on understudies affected by COVID-19 relating to the number of students enlisted at pre-essential, essential, lower-auxiliary, and upper-optional degrees of instruction [ISCED […]

Oct 20
High-Time Schools start following Sanitation Practices

Educational Institutions are closed since March; therefore, all the students are at their homes and continuing their classes online and through various assignments that are being assigned to them. This mode of teaching cannot go on forever because nothing can compete with direct interactions; online schooling and online teaching methods are also depriving the students […]

Oct 05
Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy data on unemployment

COVID has put worries as for joblessness, stimulus, demand, and supply on the cutting edge. Besides, the vulnerability about the future turns of events and a second influx of diseases in china has also focused on both the infection and its monetary aftermath. The country’s unemployment rate increased marginally higher to 8.59 percent in the […]

Sep 26
5 Things to Know about UPSC Civil Services Exam

Exams are what many students fear as it is the toughest moment for them. Pass or fail in exams is what determines their future. The tougher the exam, the greater is the pressure on the students and more anxiety issues. The UPSC Civil Services exam top the list of being the toughest exam of India. […]

Sep 21
Education in India- Initiative by Sonu Sood

Education is considered as every human right a person belongs to any religion, any gender, any caste, should have equal right to get a proper education in India. The statements and pledges taken for the development of our country is incomplete if every citizen is not educated in our country because education is the basic […]

Sep 20
7 Ways to do Self-Care in Quarantine

Everyone is facing the inevitable affect of Covid-19 on their day-to-to lives, none of us ever expected to face a pandemic in our entire life. But “Life is unpredictable”, so here we are in a middle of a pandemic, depending on our scientists to save our lives from this plague. Here are some tips for […]

Sep 18
Man of wisdom…Ratan Tata

Man of wisdom…Ratan Tata “Take the stones people throw at you and use them to bulid a monument” .These golden words are said by one such person who has been inspiring thousands of people with his struggle and noble deeds and that person is Ratan Tata, who is the chairman emeritus of Tata sons. Ratan […]

Sep 12
Inclusive Education In India

Inclusive Education is a new method of education, it ensures to make education accessible to everyone- this even includes people with disability and learning difficulties. This step is a significant one, the idea to disable disability must be put into force to bring in substantial changes in our education system. Inclusive education will ensure to […]

Aug 12
9 tips before becoming a teacher after 12th

“Teaching is a calling too. And I have always thought that teachers in their way are holy- angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.” – Jeannette Walls. A teacher is also known as a lecturer or professor, a lecture is someone who gives lectures, give instructions, and even teaches students as in educating them […]

Aug 04
10 Impacts of the new education policy on students

Recently the Indian Education system is reconstructed after 34 years, with various reforms and changes. These reforms and changes will help students at different stages in the future. Here in this article, we will discuss some impacts of the new education policy on students which will take place in the next five years- Confusion As […]

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May 04
8 Things to do for Students During Lockdown

The quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic is going to continue for a few more months. It is important to utilize this time wisely. I am sure as a college student, you are finding it difficult to set a routine and manage all your tasks during the lockdown. Don’t worry; we all are on the […]

Apr 22
8 Benefits of Taking Online Courses

In this technology-driven world, education has certainly evolved. Information is available anywhere and everywhere. Learning has become omnipresent. People are shifting from traditional norms of education to more modern and approachable ones such as taking online courses. Taking an online course is similar to that taken in a university in the sense that it too […]