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  • Introduction
  • Why is career counseling important?
  • How can a student get career guidance and career coaching?
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In today’s competitive world , every student faces a common question. “what career should i take up? what course do i opt for? earlier, people use to rely on the information they could hear from people and would depend on decision there parents take. the awareness regarding the different stream were much lower at that time.

however, today there is a dearth of knowledge regarding various subjects to be chosen as your career. There are so many career options available. therefore it is difficult to choose or you may be confused or uninformed. needed proper career guidance about the options open to you. This is where counseling plays a pivotal role in a career. Making career choices requires a lot of effort. Therefore self-analysis and considering academics are a must.

moreover, career counseling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards the right path. Thus, students should know the importance of career guidance before choosing academic stream after appearing for board exams. Hence career guidance provides better planning of their career goals and gives a path for a better future.

Lastly, career guidance entails much more than just choosing a job. Choosing a career is a way to integrate into society. For career guidance, there are a lot of career counselors present. They help the people to endeavor with pain and to deal with it. The more you struggle, the more you have to strive to prove yourself.

Why is career counseling important?

Firstly, career counseling is an effort for career guidance. Because it is an effort student make right from the school about the career options as per the stream they chose.. However, career counselling starts with planning and understanding of career choices, areas of their strength. And the areas which required improvement. After all this career route can be charted out.

once people understand their goals and are headed towards the right path. They become motivated to work hard and achieve their goals. Thus, in this way they become successful. career counseling should start from their high school level. Because during this time they choose particular stream. And it will be helpful for them to decide which stream should they opt for. This is because many students are not happy with the stream they choose. Therefore proper career guidance is required.

Nowadays, people choose counselors for two reasons. Either to choose college, university and for employment opportunity. And the other reason is when they doubt , if they had made appropriate choice.

Many counselors prefer psychometric test to analyze the student interest. This test helps to figure out their area of interest. With these points kept in mind , counselors provide probable courses or stream they can pursue. The necessary entrance exam required, cut off.

Additionally, counselors will provide information and clarify their doubts regarding the course. The counselors will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas and boost your morale.

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Lastly, with career counseling students will know their strengths and weakness. And alternate career options, if they decide to change in the future. Thus counselors can provide career mapping to once interest.

How can a student get career guidance or coaching?

Emergence Of Career Counseling
Emergence Of Career Counseling

Career coaching or counselling doesn’t only require professional counselors. Firstly, everyone should seek advice form parents and teachers because they know your capabilities and know well about your aptitude. Therefore, they will be able to guide you with education as well as career option.

There are a lot of career-based counselors available all over India. A lot of online platforms are also present. One of the best is CareerGuide.com .They will showcase you about current scenarios and provide detailed options. And guide you according to your interest and capabilities.


Career counseling is very important. Students should start taking the psychometric assessments to know their areas of interest. They should take the help of professional counselors if they are confused. This way they will avoid any mistakes in the near future.

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