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7 tips to have a career in BMM

BMM is known as Bachelor’s in Mass Media. This is an undergraduate degree and takes up to 3-years to finish this course. The students have to focus on various forms of communication and learn a lot about different cultures. As well as learn who the world depend majorly on communication to determine the public opinion. And also show how effectively our media platform works. Here is article on 7 tips to have a career in BMM

Students who have a curious and creative mind, work well in this field as well as students who have great communication skills, networking skills, have confidence, and have amazing research skills and this work well in the field of mass media. To be eligible for this program students, have to be Class12th pass with minimum 50% to 60% from any recognized university. Students have various or a vast scope of career opportunity in the field of Mass Media.

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Is one of the strongest media platforms where people can communicate, informing, present, gather information regarding any current events, news, or any major updates. Journalism is one of the most reliable sources, where people can trust to get direct and right information. Here, students get an opportunity to show their talents of gathering information from their trusted source and publishing in a creative manner to attract readers. There are multiple branches within the field of journalism, you can be a broadcast journalist, war journalist, sports journalist, Investigative journalism, Entertainment journalist and many more. Journalist earn up to INR 20 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs. Hence, Journalism is a great career focus if a student has passion for writing.


Advertising is another strongest medium through which people can communicate, advertising is usually a source which is meant for marketing purpose only, but as the world evolved and new perceptions came to light it’s now used as a source to inform important news or launches as well. Advertisement is a place where company’s place their product to market them, they also sponsor or promote a lot of idea and products. Advertising is something which can take place anywhere, anytime. Advertising can take place on TV, Radio, through a magazine, even online through apps like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. So, advertisement is itself a huge field with lots of opportunity. The salary is INR 30 Lakhs up to INR 40 Lakhs.

Public Relation (PR)-

Public Relation or PR is a way through which organizations, companies or individuals communicate along side media (BMM) and public opinion. In Public Relation, the PR person has to communicate with a particular given target audience. Public Relation is needed by any company to promote a positive image of their company or themselves, while communicating with the public in order to gain or attract more followers or customers. PR is used when a company either want to change their image or renew their brand or image. So, Public relations play an important role in the industrial or organizational world.

Digital Communication-

It is an expanded field of media (BMM). Digital Communication is a type of platform where information or data is transferred through digital medium. It is a totally online based communication, where digital devices are used as the only source or medium of communication. Students can work as content writers, video or audio editors, podcast makers, Web designers or developers, bloggers etc. Most of the jobs in this field can be worked on as a freelancing career as well.

Film making-

Film making is a huge business or industry itself. Even if a student wants to work in the film making industries, they still have to think about what or where they want to work with in the film industry. They have job options like they can work as a- Director, producer, set designer, costume designer, prop master, make-up artist, movie editor, music composer, or photographer etc. These are the few options in the film making line. Salary of all depends on the success of the movie and the efforts they put in while working, but this field is one of the most creative field.

Event Management-

Event Management is as the name suggests, building of events, creating creative event which as per the customers desires. It is a type of career which will force you to open up and work on all your skills and use up all your brain cells to have a perfect execution of the event. Students should have certain skills like- Should have great communication skills, should know how to network more, should have organizing skills and be punctual.

Digital Marketing-

Digital Marketing is one the most popular way of marketing your product, there are many other digital platforms, where you can promote your product just as you can in advertising. There are more branches in this field (BMM) and you can work as a- Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Web developer, Search Engine Optimization Expert, or an Email marketer etc. Salary in this field is up to INR 1.5 Lakhs up to INR 3 Lakhs, the salary mostly depends on your experience and your qualifications.

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