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7 Tips how to overcome fear of failure

“Fear or Failure must never be a reason not to try something.” – Frederick Smith.

Fear is one of the most common traits which people feel, when they feel something is either not right or taking a turn as per their terms. We fear when we are about to lose something, you know you are afraid with you feel your stomach turn upside down and you feel those anxiety butterflies. But you can easily get over these irrational fears of failure, there are many ways through which students can overcome such irrational fears of failures. There are many reasons as to why a one feels that they won’t be able to mount to anything in life, but honestly these are thoughts are the result of either your overthinking or you are just taking some’s words to your heart. Here is article on 7 Tips how to overcome fear of failure

When you feel inferior the fear seeps in and you start criticizing yourself, you re-think your decisions. When you doubt your known abilities, you want or need someone to motivate you, but why do you want to depend on others to make you feel good and motivated. Train yourself to tame your thoughts and motivate yourself.

So, there are 7 tips or ways which may help you to overcome your fear of failure-

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Don’t Overthink-

It’s difficult to listen to your positive thoughts, when all you can focus on the thoughts which you need to forget about or simply ignore. Don’t think that being perfect is important, a person who has multiple flaws is truly the person who is perfect. There are multiple sides to a story, so before you make up “your truth”, it would be better to ask around and clear your head with certain assumptions made by you. When you over think you push yourself in a corner and confine yourself in space where you just pity yourself, where you don’t try to work it out and push yourself to work harder.

Normalize Failure-

When you learn that failing is normal, it is a part and parcel of life and you can do nothing about it except believe in yourself. It is normal to fail, it is okay to not know everything in life, you don’t have to be a know it all to get by in life. Failing is nothing to be shy or embarrassed of, when you fail you understand your weak points and you know what you need to work on. It is better if schools and colleges normalize the term failure so, no kid feels inferior or superior.

Work at your own pace-

When you work at your own pace you feel relaxed, and a little stress free. We get better results when we don’t push ourselves hard, to work in a fast pace environment where pressure is truly high. This may harm a person’s ability to think straight and focus on want they originally planned on doing. Working at your own pace has more perks than most people realize. You feel the comfort when work at your own pace, which is needed for a person to receive better results.

Don’t crawl and hide-

Get out of your shell of fear, don’t hide cause its not going do to you any favors. When fight such irrational fears, you feel confident and when you are confident then you can see yourself doing things which you were afraid of doing the I the first place and then you think of failure. But to reach the level of failure you need to give something a try and if without trying you over think about failure then it’s honestly pathetic and something you should be ashamed of. So, in short get out of your comfort zone give it a shot and then cry, don’t cry before even trying.

Believe in yourself and your abilities-

Having knowledge about the work, investment etc is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must have a good knowledge of his niche or industry. He must keep a track of the developments and the constantly changing requirements of the market that he is in. A good entrepreneur will always try to increase his knowledge, which is why he is always a learner. The better an entrepreneur knows his playground, the easier he can play in it.

Think Positive-

Thinking positive is very important in the situation where you fear failing. Fear of failing may trigger something which may be harmful. So, think positive or talk it all out with someone if needed.

Plan Ahead-

If you plan ahead, then you decrease the chances of fearing the chance of failing. So, plan ahead it also gives you a chance to have a backup plan, which gives a sense of security and help you cope up with the stress of failing.

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