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7 top geographic careers in India after 12th

Geography is a field of science studying about lands, features, inhabitants & relationship between humans & their environments. Many of us might have found that geography to be boring subjects during school days. Even this boring subject has a lot of scope & job opportunities. Geography is all about to learn about different places around the globe- its land structure, soil texture, oceans-rivers-lakes, beautiful waterfalls etc. Here is article on 7 top geographic careers in India after Class 12th

Geography & maps are the fundamental languages of understanding the world. Indian land is the most diverse nation of all the nations. India is PENINSULA– a land covered by water bodies from its 3 sides. She has HIMALAYAS as here CROWN, enriching her beauty. The geography of our country is simply amazing & breathtaking. There is a wide scope of career in this field & numerous job opportunities. Here are the top 7 geographic careers in India after 12th.

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Urban & regional planner

Urban & regional planners develop plans & programs on the utilization of the land. Technical & political process concerned with the building of environment- including air, water & infrastructure passing in & out of urban & regional areas, such as transportation, communication, accommodation, population growth & distribution of networks. Required abilities for the job:
Prepare plans and studies, Conduct inspections, Prepare site approval documents, Coordinate with other local governments, Create and interpret maps and diagrams, Meet with public officials and the public regarding development plans and land use, Recommend approval or denial of proposals.

Annual salary: $ 73,050
Different jobs under this field are:
1) Landscape architect
2) Workforce development director
3) Local government service program specialist
4) Project manager
5) Environment planner

Cartographers & Photogrammetrists

Cartographers & photogrammetrists typically collect data & design; evaluate algorithms, data structures, and user interfaces for GIS and mapping systems. They measure & interpret the geographic information & update maps & charts for regional & urban planning, for educational purpose & other purposes. Students who are found of travelling can go with this career as cartographers travel to the physical locations that they are mapping to better understand the topography of the region. There is a high demand for cartographers & photogrammetrists. This will take you toward Geographic careers in India after 12th.

Salaries in this field vary from $50,000-$65,000. A Cartographer or Photogrammetrists will usually earn wages that can range from 48000 to 72000 based on tenure and industry expertise. Different jobs under this field are:
1) Innovation lab director
2) Gis developer
3) Systems Engineer- functional specialist

High school & Postsecondary geography teachers

One of the most difficult jobs is of teachers, as they have to teach you all the topics clearly so that students can pass out with flying colours. The job of teachers in this field is to teach the physical &regional geography.
Salary structure:

Depends on the school, college/ institution in which they do the job. It also depends on whether it is government-aided or private. This will take you toward Geographic careers in India after 12th.


Geographers are the scientists who study the natural environment & human society. They study the distribution of land, features, inhabitants & population. They also examine the cultural & political structures of land. Geographers are historically known for making maps, but it is the job of cartographers.

Physical Geographers– study the geography of the natural environment
Human Geographers– study human society.
The major areas of study under this field are:
1) Hydrogeology
2) Biogeology
3) Historical geography
4) Marketing geography
5) Health geography
6) Pedology
7) Oceanology

You can even attempt for UPSC exams after you hold graduation in this field. This will take you toward Geographic careers in India.


A meteorologist is a specialized scientist who focuses on some aspect of the atmosphere, and who uses scientific principles to observe, understand and be able to explain or forecast how the earth’s atmosphere affects the earth and everyone on it. Here they study meteorological phenomena, to prepare daily weather forecast. One who provides the daily weather forecast is known as operational meteorologists.

Jobs in this field & salary structure:
A) Industrial Mereorologist: Starting- Rs 1,50,000
B) Mereorologist: Starting- 2,00,000


Climatologist is the atmospheric scientist who studies the atmosphere of the earth, weather/ climatic changes. The modern study of this field is categorized in a branch known as atmospheric sciences. Climatology is an important field as it helps you to determine the future climate, disasters & natural calamities. The main topics of research in this field are:
1) Climate variability
2) Mechanism of climate changs
3) Modern climate change
4) Weather forecasting

You can work in this field as a:
i. Atmospheric scientist
ii. Environmental engineers
iii. Solar photovoltaic installers
iv. Wind turbine technicians
v. Legislators
vi. Public Relations Specialist


Geomorphology is the study of landforms, with respect to their origin, evolution, form, sediments on the surface of the earth & distribution across the physical landscape. The main aim to study geomorphology is to study features of glacial activity, deglaciation induced processes & landslides. It also studies about periglacial, slope, fluvial & coastal processes that shape the landscape, tectonic movements & magnetic actions among the endogenous processes occurring inside the earth. It also has various branches like:
a) Land geomorphology
b) Marine morphology
c) Climatic geomorphology
d) Regional geomorphology
e) Paleogeomophology
f) Structural geomorphology

From this article, you will find how to make a career in Geographic field after 12th and give you a chance to make the best career in this fascinating field.

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