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Tag: working professional

Nov 12
Tips and Tricks on Writing Cover Letter

The resume is incomplete without a cover letter. The cover letter must make an amazing impression since that is what will help you obtain a job interview. Almost always minor things can make a huge difference, so if you are writing a cover letter to get a job, there are few things you must keep […]

Oct 10
10 Applications for working professionals

Applications are softwares designed for the end users. They perform certain specific tasks. Most of these applications or ‘apps’ (as they are known commonly) are free of cost. While our devices are full of apps, there are some apps that must be possessed by working professionals. This is a list of some of the best applications that should be used by working professionals to help in their daily lives. These include LinkedIn, CamScanner, Siri, Office365 Mobile, Skype, Pocket, Mint, Toggl, Freedom and EasilyDo.

Oct 10
10 gadgets for working professionals

Gadgets were invented to make things easier and to save time. For working professionals, the need to save time is all the more necessary. There are a lot of gadgets that are meant to give you ease at work, however here is a list of the most essential gadgets that not only help you with thw work but also take care of your health. These are: smartphone, wireless phone charger, flash drive, scanmarker, BiKN tracking device, pip, bamboo folio, fidget cube, R2-D2 USB vacuum cleaner and LVL hydration monitor.

Sep 27
Common mistakes in finding a job in pandemic

Nowadays, many people have to apply for jobs during one of modern history’s most daunting periods. It became a job market for employers as a result of the pandemic. In finding ways to make one stand out, candidates would have to be more tactful and imaginative in the job finding process or else they will […]

Sep 24
8 tips for journalism working professionals

Some tips for journalism working professionals. You need to be able to see the current trends, talk to people well and organize your ideas. While on the job, you need to work hard. One should reach out to journalists that belonged to the same university or the same institute. Developing new skills will make you versatile. Social media sites are a platform of unleashing your talents to the world. You need to bring ideas and create stories out of them.

Sep 22
Top 5 Best Tips for Job Interview

When you have successfully cleared all the written exams and begin receiving requests for interviews, it is now time to start preparing for them. Interviews can stressful, but it is essential to maintain your calm. You will need to work on a lot of things before you can actually appear for an interview. You need […]

Sep 22
BBA Placements: 8 Tech Activities to Boost Your Resume

The essential step while looking for a job after completing BBA is to share your resume with the interviewer or the HR department, and hence your resume should be impressively strong enough for you to get a job. A resume is a reflection of your personality, and it is vital to send the right signals […]

Sep 16
7 Careers Where Women Are Overtaking Men

If you talked about women’s role in a society like a century ago, then the picture of a mother carrying a baby would come to your mind. Their position was the kitchen where they would take care of the entire family as the men made sure their families never lack. Times have since changed, and […]

Sep 03
5 moral values for every working professional

If you are a working professional, your work life is not confined to going for work in the morning, coming back home in the evening and slogging yourself in the hours between. It takes much more than just that to survive and even thrive at a workplace. You need to work with certain moral values […]

Aug 30
10 tips for working professionals in chemical industries

For things we cannot solely control mechanically or physically like killing bacteria off surfaces, mixing two or more metals, extracting metal from their ores and the like, we have sought chemical solutions. So much so that, these chemical solutions have become an integral and necessary part of a larger process. And to enable that we […]

Jun 29

IT working professional have extraordinary demand in this modern world. The Information Technology industry works at a much faster speed compared to other industries. IT professionals are in demand because of cybersecurity, data science, cloud computing and many avenues in this field. Google   Google’s work environment is very energetic and the dress code is casual. […]

Jun 03
8 Expert Advice for working from home

Work from home is now becoming a normal thing as the COVID-19 pandemic has halted offices from hosting their employees. Earlier work from home was deemed as a perk that an employee could ask for. Work from home is a great thing as it gives lots of benefits in saving commute time, thus money and […]

May 06
8 tips to grow your career as a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer needs to keep their plan skills sharp is a basic piece of the activity. Graphic design is a trendy and demanding an ever-developing industry. Its structure styles and fashions continually change, and as along these lines, originators need to keep up. In this article, we’re going to tell you 8 different ways […]

May 05
Tips to Grow your Career as an Astronomer

The stars that twinkle in the sky are just a dazzling piece of thing to most of us but some people observe these stars and other celestial bodies to learn about their evolution and other properties. The people who are behind these discoveries are known as astronomers. They spend years discovering the Big Bang theory […]

May 04
Tricks to grow your career as a Photographer

Photographers are the ones who take photographs, especially as a job. They join many degree courses in photography to make their career as a photographer. Some of them join as full-time, part-time, freelancer etc., “Photography is also called the art of capturing something which can be preserved and cherished for your lifetime”. “Photography is a […]

Apr 29
Tips to grow as a Dairy Scientist

Dairy science is a sector where the emphasis is laid on the production and manufacturing of all dairy products. It is a very popular industry as it is associated with both human and animal nutrition. This field is one of knowledge and skill. A Dairy scientist must be well versed with the schedules of reproduction, […]

Apr 27
10 Skills required to get an AI job

Hello readers, how are you I hope you all are doing good? Well, we are back again with another blog which will make you understand Artificial intelligence and what are the skills required to get a job in the field of Artificial intelligence. So AI is a branch of computer science in which our computer […]

Apr 27
8 Tips to Grow your Career as Pharmacist

Does your degree in pharmacy is the only thing needed to grab a good job position? Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your career path? All these questions point to skills rather than education. It may develop through experience or sometimes you have to learn and understand the skills needed to climb […]

Apr 22
10 Qualities of a Good Employee

Imagine that you go to a bakery. There are a lot of cakes in the display area. You only have a specific amount to spend. How do you choose which cake to buy and which one to leave? This is the dilemma faced by most recruiters. Choosing the most appropriate qualities for in good employee […]

Apr 13
10 things to do if you can work during coronavirus

Coronavirus is putting a huge impact on the whole world. Many people lost their jobs due to Coronavirus. Also, some of the people have to to do work from home. Most of us are being relied on work from home and need to follow this strictly till we don’t get any good news. This virus […]