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Tips to grow as a Dairy Scientist

Dairy science is a sector where the emphasis is laid on the production and manufacturing of all dairy products. It is a very popular industry as it is associated with both human and animal nutrition. This field is one of knowledge and skill. A Dairy scientist must be well versed with the schedules of reproduction, lactation and other processes that take place. The proceedings under the industry have to be dealt with very safely and efficiently. The dairy foods that are processed are milk, cheese, eggs and yoghurt. The dairy scientist might serve in a dairy farm, a research laboratory, a big plant operation or even in the marketing industry.  To pursue a degree in Dairy Science, you can lay the foundations right in your 11th or 12th by opting for the Science stream. With this, you will be able to apply the concepts learned to the stream. The further course of education is standard. It involves B.SC/B. Tech in Dairy Technology followed by an M.Sc and a PhD before one starts working. At the present moment, there are more than 400 plants in the country and one can expect good growth in the industry by keeping in mind a few points. Here are eight tips to grow your career as a dairy scientist.

Dairy Scientist

Equip yourself with the knowledge of various disciplines:

Dairy Science revolves around various fields like science, engineering, economics etc. These subjects are involved in the proceedings and the steps of manufacturing, preservation and consumption of the products. Be well versed with the dairy products and the cycles of fermentation. The key to survival in the industry is by knowing the entire guide to the profession.

Gain rich experience:

Training and internships play a pivotal role in the growth of a dairy scientist. Make sure that you have worked under agricultural science, breeding, production, and laboratory research. Choose internships that focus on areas like nutritional analysis, food supply, business, field sales and preparation duties. The experience will guide you and help you sustain a long career as a Dairy Scientist.

Start your degree from a good college:

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The Dairy Science industry is one in demand and will always be required. Thus, the competitiveness in the industry prevails. It is best to get your education done from a popular college. Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Kerala, Anand Agricultural University Gujarat, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University are four popular colleges offering the course.

Develop critical thinking skills:

As a part of the job, you will be required to test lab samples, formulate diet plans and make many presentations. You will have to be alert enough to assess the cycle and evaluate the feeding of the animals timely. Your judgement has to be made through sound reasoning. Moreover, you should be able to understand the body condition of the animal to attribute a score to them.

Demonstrate technical proficiency:

In the dairy industry, there is a lot of software that assist the animal-related programs. You can grow well in your career if you are well versed with the technical aspect of your profession. Show complete understanding of the technology involved in the nutrition programs and the ration balancing.

Be competent:


It is very important to be competent in any industry. Upgrade yourself with necessary courses and training to be equipped with handling the developments in technology and the additions in the industry of dairy science. If you demonstrate soft skills like emotional and cognitive empathy that are integral to the job, you will grow better. It’s better to work on your leadership and communication skills too. The language also plays a very important role in the industry and enhances your career growth.

Have a good team rapport: 

Having the support of your team will always be advantageous. Always maintain good relationships with your fellow scientists, veterinarians, lab-technicians and farmers. In the industry, teams work together to cover up for each other and complement each other. They also can recommend you to better posts. Through networking and good inter-personal skills, you can ensure a stable career in this industry.

Demonstrate mathematical proficiency:

There are a lot of mathematical functions that determine yield and productivity. Thus, for maintaining accurate lab reports, you must be able to perform mathematical calculations. After performing the mathematical functions, you should also be able to interpret the results and direct yourself to the next stage.


Dairy scientists work hard to grow in their field. However, the dairy and feed industries conjunct at many points thus giving rise to several job opportunities. One can work as a Dairy Supervisor, freelancer, researcher, in the government sector or even the private sector. Moreover, the job revolves around many species in the livestock, thus giving rise to several opportunities. Thus, with the following tips, you can expect stable growth in your career as a dairy scientist.

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