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If you are a working professional, your work life is not confined to going for work in the morning, coming back home in the evening and slogging yourself in the hours between. It takes much more than just that to survive and even thrive at a workplace. You need to work with certain moral values and ethics that defines you. Although, every company has their own sets of ethics, moral values are something that individuals stick to almost all their lives, even outside work. These values are a result of multiple factors from their past.

moral values

But just like in life, a working professional needs to stick to a list of moral values, that let’s them through their work life peacefully and smoothly.


moral values

Honesty is the best policy even at your office. Right from creating your resume to getting the job and sustaining it, you need to be as honest and truthful about yourself as you can. When you are honest and straightforward, people tend to trust you easily which further helps you to build positive and healthy relationships at you workplace. Honesty is not just about telling the truth, it’s also about being aware of self and accepting of your mistakes when done any.
Also, try not to indulge in the prevalent gossip culture at offices because it tends to be nasty when exposed or spilled.


You can’t achieve most things in life without a determined discipline. It will not only help you sustain at work but your discipline for working hard could force your boss to give you frequent promotions as well as incentives. Being a disciplined employee could also keep your stress levels in check because you would almost always get done with your work within deadlines. It could help you to create and maintain a credible image among other colleagues.
Though, being rigidly disciplined might sometimes make you come out as a spoilt sport when hanging out with friends or colleagues. So try not to be a hard core disciplinarian and have some fun once in a while.


Professionalism at work is one of the most mature things you could do. It better sometimes to not let your emotions overpower you while at work. Even if, you have had a particularly not so good past with someone and that person happens to cross your path for solely work related matters, then it’s only wise to take higher grounds and keep your grudges in check.
However, often times people do find their love or life partners at their workplace, it is advised that you maintain your professionalism at least while at work.

Respecting colleagues and their spaces

moral values

The arduous and ever so long saga of me too movement was evident enough that there is still unfairness, hypocrisy and low accountability at every level of a corporate world. It becomes extremely essential and important that one maintains basic decency and among other colleagues. One should not forget that they aren’t the only ones working at an office. Everyone must respect each other for what they are. It is necessary that everyone enjoys a safe and respectful working environment. Absolutely refrain from passing judgements or comments about others for how they look or their gender or sexuality or anything for that matter. If you are a working professional, you must inculcate this value of respecting people, be it your senior or someone working under you, as well as their spaces, so as not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. And don’t limit yourself to your working circle only, you must respect the peons or a helper boy or even the watchmen.

Accepting others

It is still a lingering prejudice that many companies share, to not hire someone, anyone, who could, even remotely, be any different than the majority of the employees/workers. CEOs or bosses or even HR managers sometime believe that it would be difficult for the “new comer” to adjust among them but, in fact, more often than not, it’s their own insecurity that is at play. It’s, honestly, very redundant to still hold on to these prejudices in 2020. You need to be acceptive of everyone, irrespective of their gender, religion, race, caste, or social background. It is their right to work wherever they want and earn money for any reasons just like you. Accepting others for who they are actually, makes you more empathetic into understanding towards, other people’s problems and actually putting ourselves into their shoes.

moral values

So this was our swift and compact list of moral values you must inculcate if you are a working professional (or even otherwise). Unlike other listicles, try to inculcate and develop each of the values mentioned, so that no one has to tolerate or endure anyone.

We hope that you liked our list!

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