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10 Qualities of a Good Employee

Imagine that you go to a bakery. There are a lot of cakes in the display area. You only have a specific amount to spend. How do you choose which cake to buy and which one to leave? This is the dilemma faced by most recruiters. Choosing the most appropriate qualities for in good employee for your organisation based on respective job profiles and titles can be tough, time-consuming and confusing. The worst part is that even after thorough screening the uncertainty of the employee not performing well does not vanish. However, this does not mean that recruitment is impossible. This article discusses the qualities of a good employee of the organisation. Good employers should be on the lookout for these characteristics while hiring new people.

qualities of good employee


This is the quality of utmost importance. It shows how dedicated and serious the person is about their work. Being punctual does not mean that the person has to be the first one to enter the office. It simply implies that they should reach the office within the specified time range. For example, if the office hours start at 8:00 am then the employee should be there by 8:30 am at most.


The individual needs to be good at expressing his/ her feelings and they should also be able to understand other employees. The employees must not brag about themselves unnecessarily. They shouldn’t sound selfish. They should be compassionate and willing to help others with work when needed.

good employee


The best employee is someone who is interested in knowing more by clearing their doubts and asking questions in meetings and discussions. They must be confident enough to oppose other people’s views in a respectful manner. Even if they don’t want to raise a query, they can show their participation by just acknowledging someone else’s opinions.


While submitting their own ideas, it is important that the person knows what he/ she is talking about and that the information is based on facts and not mere assumptions. This is passive participation in terms of preparing beforehand for upcoming events. The employee should take full responsibility for his/ her conduct and the work that he/ she accomplished.

Well Dressed

A person’s look helps in judging his/ her personality. An employee must know how to dress for various occasions such as meetings, office parties or presentations etc. The way a person dresses up enables in creating the first impression right when they walk in for the interview. Hence, it is advisable to always wear formal clothes when going for a professional interview. It is necessary to dress the part in order to play it well.

qualities of good employee


The person should be able to guide others after reaching a certain threshold. He/ she should be willing to teach others from his/ her past experiences. In many companies, leadership skills are given great consideration while promoting employees to higher posts. Such employees need to be good community managers.

Seeks Opportunities

An employee who is willing to work outside his/ her comfort zone will be an asset to any company. Even if you select an employee for the marketing domain, he/ she should be capable enough to assist the company if a crisis arises in another department. If a person is seeking for more opportunities to prove his or her self worth then they will be willing to work and provide inputs in every field.

Self Sufficient

If you have to keep asking your employees to get the work done, you will feel frustrated and angry. It is important that you, as a recruiter, select only those candidates who are able to work with minimum guidance and are willing to take initiatives to help the company excel in achieving its objectives and goals.

Freedom to Work

As a recruiter, you should provide enough freedom to good employees to reach their full potential. The employees who are hard-working will immediately grab these opportunities as and when they arise. For example, if you allow all employees to create their own working schedules then you will be able to decide who amongst them is the most competent. A productive employee will have a schedule where he/ she are able to complete the maximum work in a single day.

employee for organisation

Accepts Mistakes

A humble employee will always be willing to learn by improving their mistakes. Feedback shouldn’t be taken personally. An employee must understand that a senior who reviews their work has more experience and will be able to guide them in a better and fruitful manner.

So as you go on a hunting spree to find the best qualities in your good employee for your organisation, I hope this list helps you in identifying the most appropriate person. With job profiles becoming multi-faceted, it is vital to have a person with some skills and knowledge about all the pre-requisite fields. I wish you luck in finding the next face of your company and these major qualities will help you to find a good employee for your organisation.

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