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Professional courses for commerce students after class 12th

In this article, we will discuss some of the professional courses for commerce stream students after class 12th. 7 PROFESSIONAL COURSES FOR COMMERCE STREAM STUDENTS AFTER CLASS 12th. Class 12th is a major turning point in each student’s life which holds certain important decisions and results in its hands. Most of the people usually get confused about what to do after this. There is no firmness of a particular field and they get trapped into the dilemma of choosing one course or another. Here is article on Professional courses for commerce students after Class 12th

This is indeed one of the most common problems that students face because this is considered to be one of the most important decisions of their life. Since career is a major part of every person’s life and its journey begins after class 12th, based on the decisions made, below are some of the professional courses for commerce stream students to choose from after their class 12th.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration, popularly known as the BBA course is considered to the direct path for doing an MBA. The course has various job opportunities under the administrative and managerial section. If you are interested in the management and administrative functioning, then this course is for you. The BBA course is a three-year degree course where different subjects like accounting, finance, and many other subjects like this are usually taught. Since this course is directly related to the MBA, there are some universities that provide an integrated course of MBA which includes BBA as well.

Bachelor of Business Studies

The Bachelor of Business Studies course, also known as the BBS course, is a 3-year degree course that focuses mainly on the industrial administration. This course is very much similar to the course of Business Administration but is different in some areas as well. This degree course is mainly focused on practical working under the management section of a particular business and is considered to be more industry-focused. In this course, you are able to learn different topics such as business law, marketing, and so on. BBS course is considered to be a gateway for Masters of Business Administration, also known as MBA.

Bachelors in Banking and Insurance

If you are in the commerce field and want to pursue your career in finance after class 12th, then this field is for you to have. Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance is a degree that provides you the knowledge and activities in different fields such as banking, finance, risk analysis, and so on. The course is a three-year degree course that has several job opportunities right after graduation.

Bachelor of Computer application

This field is mainly for computer enthusiasts who are dedicated to their work and have a passion for technological working and its advancements. If you are interested in the IT sector industry the Bachelor of Computer Application course is for you to have. The course basically teaches about different computer languages, its applications and so on. With such a wide range of topics and subjects, the course provides you with vast opportunities in computer application and so on.

Chartered Accountancy

The Chartered Accountancy course, also known as CA, is one of the most popular streams among commerce students to go with. This stream is considered one of the most popular streams which are very difficult to cross with. There are many students who usually get failed in this stream but there are many others who pass this stream as well. Since this course is difficult to get through with, this course is considered to be valuable. The duration of this course is 3.5 years and its career opportunities are very wide. In this course, you get to learn about different topics such as law, auditing, and so on.

Bachelor of Game Design

There is not a single student who does not like to play video games on different platforms. The gaming industry is such an industry that is gaining ground at a faster pace. To get into this field, you need to take up Bachelor of Game Design degree courseThis course is a three-year degree course which includes the study of game design, programming required for this course, audio and narratives, and so on. There are many gaming studios which are having a huge demand for the game designers. So if you are interested in the game designing field, you can go for it after class 12th.

Bachelor of Event Management

Event Management is one of the most popular courses which is opted by people from diverse backgrounds. With an increase in the number of events taking place every year, whether marriage or a party, there is an increasing demand of the event managers and coordinators who can manage a large number of events every day. Due to this growing requirement, a new case emerged which is a Bachelor of Event Management degree course. In this course, the students are taught about the processes and the strategies required to make any event memorable.

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