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Professional courses for science students after class 12th

In this article, we will discuss some of the professional courses for science stream students after class 12th. PROFESSIONAL COURSES FOR SCIENCE STREAM STUDENTS AFTER CLASS 12th. Class 12th is a major turning point in each student’s life which holds certain important decisions and results in its hands. Most of the people usually get confused about what to do after this. Here is article on Professional courses for science students after Class 12th

There is no firmness of a particular field and they get trapped into the dilemma of choosing one course or another. Since career is a major part of every person’s life and its journey begins after class 12th, based on the decisions made, below are some of the professional courses for science stream students to choose from after their class 12th.

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Commercial Pilot Course

Commercial Pilot Course is very popular among the science stream students. The reason behind this is that this course provides the students with an adventurous life. However, to get into this field, you need to have a strong analytical mind. This course is widely popular among class 12th science stream students. So, to get admission in this field, you can get admission into any college which offers this course. There are both government and private colleges which provide this course at a reasonable price, in case of a government college. However, in the case of private colleges, the fee charges are very high which can go up to 2 lakhs per month.

Merchant Navy Course

Merchant navy course is for those students who are highly motivated and dedicated to their work. If you are attracted to sea life and want to pursue your career in this field, then you can choose this field after your class 12th. This professional course provides you with good job opportunities with a lot of fun and adventure. The job in this field helps you to get adapted to diverse cultures. The average package of the jobs provided under this field is very high. The basic average can be estimated to nearly INR 70,000-90,000.

Career in Defense

If you are a patriot who is too dedicated to doing something for his nation, then there is no other field for you which is better than this. A career in Defenceis considered to be one of the most prestigious careers to go with. It involves the practice and methods to save the country from external dangers and attacks. Under the defense sector, you will find 3 main branches which are Air Force, the Army, and the Navy. To get admission in this course, you can go for the  National Defense Academy, also known as NDA, entrance examination after your class 12th.

Bachelor in Pharmacy

Bachelor in Pharmacy is a course for those students who want to go into the medicinal field and are highly job oriented. There are several job opportunities in this field that are easy to get after completion of this profession course. Under this course, you gain knowledge about the chemical structures, its uses and combination, and so on. Most of the students who take this course, go for opening their own pharmacy. However, there are some students who look for jobs under this field. Those who open up their own pharmacy usually have their license of a practitioner with them.

Engineering Courses

This is the most common field which is opted by students of science stream after their class 12th. There are endless opportunities under engineering courses with heavy demand in the job sector. The main eligibility for getting engineering coursesis to have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the major subjects in class 12th. There are a huge number of private and government colleges that offer these courses. The common courses opted by the students are B.E or B.Tech.


If you are interested in architectural works, then you can go for this course after your class 12th. Architecture program includes working on the construction of buildings, houses, and so on. The duration of the architecture course is 5 years. There are a lot of opportunities in the architecture field. You need to have a good knowledge of planning and interaction is very important in this field. The main task of architects is to look at the proper design of the buildings and develop and make modifications in it accordingly. With an increase in the population, there is also a demand for architects who are proficient in the management and implementation of creative ideas. So, if you think you want to design some marvelous buildings, then you can go to this field.


Bachelor in Computer Application, commonly known as B.C.A, is a course under the computer or IT field. Computer Science is under the most demanding courses. This field has a whole bunch of those students who do not want to take the usual course of engineering which the majority of the science stream, or we can say PCM stream, students. There are various job opportunities under this field which you can get. The jobs are often in the Multi-National Companies, also known as MNCs which provide handsome figure amounts as salaries. So, if you are good at computer applications and want to pursue your field under different branches such as programming, software development, and so on, then you can go for this field without a doubt.

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