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Professional courses for humanities students after class 12th

In this article, we will discuss some of the professional courses for humanities stream students after class 12th. 7 PROFESSIONAL COURSES FOR HUMANITIES STREAM STUDENTS AFTER CLASS 12th. Class 12th is a major turning point in each student’s life which holds certain important decisions and results in its hands. Most of the people usually get confused about what to do after this. There is no firmness of a particular field and they get trapped into the dilemma of choosing one course or another. Here is article on Professional courses for humanities students after Class 12th

Even though there are vast opportunities in this field, the students get confused about what to choose as right. Since career is a major part of every person’s life and its journey begins after class 12th, based on the decisions made, below are some of the professional courses for humanities stream students to choose from after their class 12th.

Photography course

Photography is a field that has the people who have a passion for clicking photographs. If you are the one who is interested in the photography field, you can go for this field after class 12th. There are several career options in this field such as photojournalism, wildlife photography, sports photography, landscape photography, travel photography, wedding photography, and so on. The professional course in photography focuses on the development of the multimedia artist. The course holds both practical and theoretical knowledge with a hand to hand approach to have with.

Novel Writing

Writing a whole novel is a big task to complete. It needs constant dedication and motivation. Along with that, a lot of creativity as well as experience in writing is required as well. So, if you think you have the spirit of the writer in yourself, then this course is waiting for you after your class 12th. Novel writing courses are of different levels. They usually focus on the development and the analytical part to help the writers understand the needs and the feelings of the people. They teach you the method of writing as well as the expression techniques. There are job opportunities in getting aligned with the publication houses for your book publications.


There are different theatre courses which are available under the theatre umbrella. Those students who exhibit a strong interest in theatre arts and its workings can go for this course after their class 12th. There are bachelor as well as professional courses available, based on their interest and level of study. The main focus in these courses is on the development of skills such as performance, designing, production and so on. The major requirement to have while opting for this course is to have the relevant skills as well as creative thinking


The music field is such a vast field that it holds a demand for potential singers. Because of its wide popularity, this field has both Bachelor’s and diploma/ professional courses. There is a broad understanding required to go into this field. In the branch of production, you need to have a sound knowledge of the pitch and the tone as well in order to know about the parts which are required to know to look for the opportunities. There are different levels in this field. For instance, after level 1 in which you are taught about the tunes, you get a skill certificate as a proof of qualifying the Music Programmer level. Similarly, there are many other levels that follow this. So, if you are dedicated enough to learn each and everything about music, then you can go for this field after class 12th


Under the animation field, there are different types of diploma courses which are available after class 12th. Since the demand for virtual working has increased on a larger basis, the demand for workers in this field has increased as well. The main focus of these animation courses is to make people understand the concept of changing the imagination into reality. The scope of animation courses has increased day by day and is having tremendous growth worldwide. There are different areas of production such as 2D and 3D animation. There are several animations that work in this field due to which a huge demand is there even in popular companies.


There are multiple courses in the field of designing to have. You can pursue any course after class 12th as per your own interest. It can help you to secure a better future. There are various diploma courses such as fashion design in interior designing textile designing jewelry designing and so on. So, you can choose the field which you like best. There are diverse career opportunities in this field where you have the opportunity to either work in a particular company or do it independently. However, to be successful in this field, you need to have a creative mindset with you so that you are able to show and develop your skills


This course comes under the category of culinary arts which is widely popular among people. If you are a food lover who loves to cook, you can definitely go for this field after class 12th as there are not many people who go for this field. With an increase in population, there is an increase in demand for delicious food. This demand has led to the opening of several outlets who are waiting for the best chefs out there to work for them. Thus, this field is definitely a rising field that is gaining ground due to the increase in demand and lack of workers.    

So, here you get some of the professional courses for humanities stream students after class 12th which can help you to make your career brighter.

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