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10 Tips to write SEO friendly articles

Article writing is the order of the day. Almost all aspects of our lives require writing and reading, and the demand for article writing skills is very high. There’s no doubt that all sectors of the modern economy can use article writing services.Here is article on 10 Tips to write SEO friendly articles

Website owners write articles, and newspapers, magazines, marketers, businessmen, financial analysts, and many others who need articles to be written on a daily basis. Many social marketers see articles as the key to their success. Bloggers would never deny the importance of article writing skills because their success depends on it.
Here are some tips on how you can write articles :

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Write the title of your article

The first important work is to focus on the title of the articles you have to write. Focus on what the title means as it will provide a direction for you to proceed with your writings.

Outline your ideas

After choosing a topic for your article, it is very important to draft an outline of your ideas. Doing this makes you sharpen your ideas before writing the article. It gives you a clear direction and also insights into what you want to communicate to your readers. This step is especially important for students who are writing for a project or assignment. It’s important to keep a list of ideas for potential news articles or personal stories that could be expanded into essays. Any time you have an idea, jot it down in a notebook or in a Word document on your computer. That way, when it’s time to start writing, you’ll already have a place to start.

Write short paragraphs

Short paragraphs, on the other hand, are tantalizing. They’re easy. They feel like an accomplishment. You always want to read just one more — your eye gets drawn down the page. So break your text up. Keep your reader chasing the words from paragraph to paragraph. Pace them. Give them space between ideas.

Learn more about your topic

This is very important for students because it can be very hard to search for academic works or papers. Doing some research on the topic chosen is very vital. It makes your content richer and shows the reader that your facts are reliable when you include high-quality sources in your article. Try to learn more about your topic by surfing on the internet or books.

Do not deviate from your topic

One of the mistakes many writers make is deviating from their topic. It is very important to keep your topic in mind because it prevents you from losing focus and direction. Sticking to one topic forces you to support each of your ideas and fully communicate your point.

You can write short stories

One of the best ways to draw a reader into an article is to bring it to life with human interest. Capture their attention with a recounting of an event, the setting of a stage, the unfolding of a plot. Stories are a brilliant way to open articles. They’re equally brilliant ways to illustrate a point.

Choose a silent place

It is important to avoid any form of distractions. For students, it is advisable to keep off of the internet and social media and to turn off the TV while writing. Distractions can divert your attention and make you a worse writer. For you to focus completely on the article you are writing, you may need to get out of the house and travel to a nearby library. If there is no nearby library, then find another space where no friends, family members, or other tasks will disturb you. A change of scenery will boost your motivation level.

Explain the plot of the article in the intro

Take a few sentences, and clearly explain what the article is going to cover without giving away too many details. This will build suspense around the subject matter while still letting your audience know what they may be in for.

Keep short intro

A large opening paragraph at the start of an article is a huge barrier to entry. Your reader has to wade through a large wall of text before determining if the article is really interesting and worth reading. This requires a large expenditure of effort. Most people won’t bother. Your opening paragraph should have a maximum of 80 words & a minimum of 50 words.

Keep it simple

We live in a world where most people have an attention span of only a few seconds. They get bored after some time. If you want your readers to make time in their days to read what you have to say, make sure you present things as simple as possible. Longer articles, of course, deserve longer introductions. But it’s important to respect people’s time and attention. Avoid rambling about how great your information is, and just share it already!

Writing articles may seem easy, but it is a difficult task requiring significant skill if one is to deliver engaging articles to readers. Many bloggers lose readers as a result of poorly written articles they’ve presented to their audience.

Hence from this article, you will be able to write articles easily now. Do try these tips & then check out the difference.

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