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10th class: 8 Tips for last 1 months’ preparation

The tenth class examinations, famously known as board examinations are one of the easiest examinations you will face in your life. Yet, they are one of the most dreading exams in a student’s life. This is because the marks obtained in this decide your career and Steam. In India there is a stigma that: if you do not score high in the exams, you cannot take ‘science’ in your class 11th in most of the schools. Although the entire year is crucial, the last one month before the exams is the most important. It is the time when you really need to focus on what knowledge you have gained throughout the year and work on brushing it rather than gain new knowledge.
There are some days’ break between two consecutive papers. Here are some tips for last 1 months’ preparation for your 10th class examination that you should keep in mind during that time, when you are just brushing up your gained knowledge:

Schedule your day

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You must note down your day’s activities along with the time you are investing on your studies. You must plan everything accordingly. If one of the papers does not have any break in between, you must distribute its syllabus when you are preparing for the rest of the papers. You should stay focused and make the most of your time. Make sure you do not end up investing your entire day on studies. It should include breaks in between. You must take half an hour or so to take some fresh air.

Take a mock test

You must take a look at the previous year papers. They help you identify the important areas. From the market, you can easily access the previous year papers of the last ten years. Search the internet for the sample papers too. Once you have thoroughly looked at the sample papers and the previous year papers, get ready to solve them on your own. You should keep a stopwatch running that should measure your speed. Once you have solved the entire paper, look at the time that you have invested. You should be able to solve the entire paper ten minutes before the time. This way, you will have ten minutes to cross-check your answers in the exams.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

When you have scheduled your day and attempted the mock test, you would be able to assess your own performance. Look closely at the errors that you have made. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified that, it will save a lot of your time. You need to invest relatively less time on your strengths to master it. This saved time can be invested in converting your weaknesses into strengths.

Avoid distractions

If you are distracted, you would hardly be able to focus. If you cannot focus, your time and energy will be wasted to a great extent. Try avoiding distractions. While you are studying, it’s best to switch off your phone. If that is not possible, you can ask your parents to keep it with themselves till the time you are studying. Once you are done studying or want to take a break, you can ask it back.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is extremely crucial for your health. If your health is good, then only you can achieve your targets. Hydration is important to deliver the nutrients to the cells while improving the sleep quality and mood. You must drink at-least 3 to 4 liters of water everyday. It helps to cleanse your body of impurities and keep your organs functioning.

Do not try and study everything in a single day

You should make a schedule that you can easily follow. If you try studying everything in a single day, you may end up forgetting everything you have studied. Also, you must study using mix and match. Study the difficult as well as the easy topics everyday. It will neither require your brain to work very hard nor to laze around. While studying, it is a good idea to highlight the key things. When you are revising for the final time, the highlighted area catches your eye easily.


Revision is the key to good marks. Revise, revise and revise thoroughly. Since you have studied the entire year, you do not need to study further, but to revise. Even if you have some topics left to study, do not start a new topic unless you have revised all the studied topics thoroughly. Also, do not skip and revise. Revise at a go. Do not leave any topic for revising it later. Start from the beginning and revise each and every topic till the end, without skipping any topic in between.

Stay positive

Although class 10th decides your career, you must not take any worries during exams. Study with your heart. Even if you could not cover a topic, it is okay. Attempt all the questions. Marks do not define you. Many famous personalities that have excelled in their fields have failed or scored pretty low in their 10th Actor Tamannaah Bhatia scored 69.3% and Singer Arjun Kanungo scored 50.4% only.

These were 8 tips for last 1 months’ preparation for your 10th class examination.

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