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8 tips about what to do after class 10th

10th is a very essential class for everyone, it’s the final year of your regular school life, as you stop learning all the subjects, instead of going into your own specific field. While you miss sitting with your friends in lectures, the fun, the adventure, it’s not just the feel of togetherness that changes, it marks far bigger changes. Confuse about what to do after 10th take stream selector test.

It marks your first step towards your career, the beginning of what your life can look like for the next 10 years or longer and what to do after class 10th. Such an important decision isn’t one that students find answers easily too. While it is said that there is no perfect field for anyone, one needs to make the most appropriate and suitable one, or one wrong step and spiral your entire career.Here is article for class 10th

Make a list of your talents

This is the most important part of your search for a field of interest. While hard work and determination take you further and further in your field, you can’t really make the necessary efforts needed if you don’t have the required basic skill set needed to excel. If you choose a field whose skill set you don’t have, you can end up working the rest of your high school developing your skillset instead of sharpening them and making yourself better than everyone else, and in a highly competitive Indian education system, the average is not an option to succeed.

Go into research mode

Research about all aspects of every field is important. It is vice to search about the best and the worst-case scenario that taking a particular subject after class 10th can have. That isn’t possible just by thinking, you need to gather data, look at the possibilities and the options that you will be having once you take up a certain subject. So, stop looking for movies online and start looking for career articles.

See what is trending and future

While you may or may not be interested in the most trending of the field, it gives you idea of what the world is shaping like, what jobs are going extinct, what are the future job market going to look like. Taking up a branch that you might be good at is always a vice choice but becoming someone who is no longer needed by humanity will be a complete waste of your talents, so do look out for the world you live in.

Look what your marks and performance tell you

While many might argue that the education system of India is screwed and that a piece of paper doesn’t tell about your full potential, what we need to consider is that you will have to study in the same education system for at least a minimum of next 5 years, so whether system is flawed or not might be a good debate topic, you will have to work in the same system. So, analyse your scorecard, look for patterns that point you in a certain field and then make your decision accordingly.

Plan out your life

The subject you choose not only decides what you study for next 2 years but also has a huge impact of what your life can end up looking like. So, when deciding what field you should choose, you need to analyse what options that field will provide you with and what your life can look and turn out like, so draw a rough outline of your life and then make your decision based on what you have.

Take advice of your elders

The more experience you have, the better ability you have to make a decision. While they can often try to impose their career choice on you, it is important that you listen to what they are saying, the arguments that they are making. It can help you gain insights that your research might miss. So, do keep your ears open.

Take advice of people in field

No one knows the industry better than the person working in it. Before you finalize your career choice, you need to take the advice of the person who is working at a position or industry that you wish to be part of as he might give very valuable input about what you need to do to be on the right path.

See what your heart says

Making a highly calculated and precise decision might not feel right if your heart doesn’t agree with the choice you made. So, it is extremely important that your subconscious agrees with the choice you make because no matter which field you go into, the path to success is never easy and you will require a strong will to be at the top.  

Stream Selector™:

The STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST is an assessment tool used to help students in India determine their ideal academic stream (or “stream of study”) for classes 11 and 12 based on their interests, skills, and abilities. The acronym STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, which are the five main streams of study available to students in India after class 10. The STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST is designed to help students make an informed decision about which stream to choose, taking into account their personal strengths and preferences. The assessment typically involves a series of questions and exercises designed to evaluate the student’s abilities and interests in different subject areas, as well as their career goals and aspirations. The test is commonly administered by career guidance counselors or educational institutions in India, and is often available online as well. By taking the STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST, students can gain insights into their own strengths and interests, and make more informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

What is the stream selector test by CareerGuide?

The stream selector test by CareerGuide is an online aptitude test designed to helping and useful tips for 10th class study students  and make 10th class study time table for identify the most suitable stream for their higher studies. The test assesses a student’s interests, personality traits, and academic strengths and weaknesses to recommend the most appropriate stream.

Is the stream selector test by CareerGuide reliable?

The stream selector test by CareerGuide is based on a scientifically validated methodology and has been developed by a team of experts with years of experience in career guidance. The test is designed to assess a student’s interests, personality traits, and academic strengths and weaknesses, and has been used by thousands of students to make informed career choices.

How can I interpret the results of the stream selector test by CareerGuide?

The report generated by the stream selector test by CareerGuide provides a detailed 10th class study time table analysis of your interests, personality traits, and academic strengths and weaknesses, along with recommendations for the most suitable stream and make 10th class study time table. It is important to review the report carefully and seek guidance from a career counselor if needed to make an informed decision.

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