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Tag: career counselling for colleges

Aug 24
Top Colleges for MA Psychology in India

colleges for ma psychology is a wonderful course to pursue and Clinical Psychology is the most popular branch of Psychology. When you talk about MA/MSc Psychology, I don’t understand why students are so much obsessed with the MSc. I understand it gives you a feeling of being a Science student, but in reality, there is […]

Aug 24
Top Engineering Colleges in World

Engineering is a profession which is increasing day by day. There was a time when Engineering did not exist that much. But within time Engineering is in the limelight. Every student who wants to earn so much money can pursue Engineering. This article focuses on the top Engineering colleges in world. Top Engineering colleges in […]

Aug 11

Acting is not just a art. It is a dream of many. Whenever someone sees any kind of fiction or even real life based movie, it develops an interest in us that how our life can become. If we become part of this movie. Or if I become a celebrity. Careerguide is always here to […]

Aug 05
Top 10 Photography Colleges in India

top photography colleges in india the photography is the application of art and practising creative durable images by electronically recording light using an image sensor. The art of photography was earlier considered to be a hobby but with the advancement of media, communication, advertising and the fashion industry, photography has emerged as one of the […]

Aug 04
Top 30 Fashion Designing Colleges In World

Fashion Designing, which came with skills and interest. But fashion designing skills are something that you can’t build by sitting at home. A top class’s institution is needed. This article will tell you all about the Top 30 Fashion Designing Colleges in the world. top 10 fashion designing colleges in world CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS ROYAL […]

Aug 03
Top NITs Offering B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science is one of the most loved courses in STEM, as its demand in the industry is increasing day by day. Students are attracted by the variety of career options available after pursuing the course and the lavishing salary packages. In India, most of the students are attracted by this course, and its admission or […]

Jul 17

In the recent scenario, the demand for skilled manpower in IT industries is growing very rapidly and web designing is again a budding career option like animation and graphic designing. These professionals are required everywhere from small start-up to huge multinational companies. The salary in the IT and software sector is generally high, hence web […]

Jul 11

Economics; just like commerce is the backbone of any nation. You cannot determine whether the country is fully developed or underdeveloped without having prior knowledge of economics subject. You can also not find solutions to the problems of the nation without seeking the advice of economists. And if you are interested in learning about economy […]

Jul 07

Music has always been considered as a way of expressing feelings and emotions that cannot be described properly through words.Music mostly works as a mood changer or more aptly stress reliever. There are various forms and types of music like Indian, folk, western and many more. In this era, people are more open and music is […]

Jul 05

University of Delhi is a well-known and reputed university girls colleges delhi. The university has a variety of colleges from co-ed to only women. Women colleges under Delhi University are well known for their faculty and infrastructure. Many people prefer women colleges over co-ed colleges, so in this article I will mention top 10 women […]

Jun 28

Makeup is said to be one of the weaknesses of almost every girl but some may wish to turn it into a professional career. And now you have the option to pursue beauty and makeover as your profession makeup college. Listed below are some of the best institutions/colleges that offer courses in makeup and beauty. […]

Jun 24
Top Colleges in India to study English Literature

In this article, “Top Colleges in India to study English Literature”, we will tell you about the best colleges you can pursue your degree from. We will also tell you about the fee structure, duration, and various disciplines in which the course is offered best university for english literature in india. Read on to find […]

Jun 23
Top Science Junior Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is considered the financial capital of India and it is home to many best Junior Colleges of Maharastra State. Junior College is a unique aspect of Maharashtra, however many other students apart from the SSC board can also take admission into the science colleges in mumbai for 11th and 12th. Many people attend high […]

Jun 15
Why career counselling is so helpful for class 10th students?

Career is like the boat which helps today’s dream reach the shore of tomorrow’s reality. It is a continuous process with many trials during the academic life of an individual. This process also leads to stress or unavoidable setbacks. Career Counselling in class 10 can save students from getting lost and help in career choice. […]

Jun 14
8 tips to choose humanities after 10th class

Most of the students get confused about which stream to choose after class 10th. While a majority of the advice which you will hear from elders is that you should choose science stream after Class 10th or in few cases commerce, very rare is the situation where you will listen favourably about humanities, popularly known […]

Jun 14
5 reasons – Meet a Career Counsellor After Your 10th Class CBSE Result

More than 90% of school-going students have never had an encounter with counsellors of any kind, let alone career counsellors. Many young individuals often have embedded in their minds what they want to achieve in life, courtesy of the pressure they face from family and society alike. They work to their bones to secure a […]

Mar 31

Many of us in our childhood is very much inspired and attracted by actors and models that we watch on our televisions, and somewhere or the other we wish to do the same in our life. Well, now you have the option to change your passion and wish into your real-life career option. Many people […]

Mar 09
Importance of planning your career in school

In short, Planning your career in school is a really good decision, when all the other kids are confused with what they want to do in their future. You can be prepared and easily start planning your future college, the follow of marks which you need to accomplish your desired career. But students should do this on their own, as in choice their career because of their own interest. They shouldn’t let their parents influence their career choice or option. Then only will the result of your future will be positive,…

Mar 09

Science can be defined as diversity in terms of education as well as careers.it is a vast field has been divided into segments when we go for a depth analysis of a particular topic , as a part of our education we have studied science from primary classes, and coming to higher education and our […]

Mar 06
Need For Career Counselling for Students

In the hunt to find the best career options for ourselves, we often jump on the bandwagon. Career counselling is a rapidly growing profession. Career counselling has many benefits for us, especially for students. A career counsellor is a professional, guiding the students to take the right path and choose the career they are passionate […]

Mar 06
Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Career

Unfortunately, not many people get to live their dreams and choose their career paths. This is why they have to cater to several turbulences in life and are never happy. However, if you are looking for the right suggestions regarding your career path, we’re here to help you. In this feature, we will guide you […]

Mar 04
9 career counselling points to become a BAMS doctor after 10th

Career counselling to become a BAMS doctor after 10th – 9 points BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It deals with incorporating Ayurvedic practices and medicine with modern-day medicine and students pursuing BAMS are taught both as part of their curriculum. Although not as common as MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor […]

Feb 02
Top 10 B.Tech Colleges for Computer Science field in India

Computer science is a computer and computer system study. In contrast to computer engineers and electrical engineers, computer scientists are mainly concerned with software and software systems. Computer science’s main study areas include artificial intelligence, computer systems and network systems, safety, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, number analysis, languages of programming, software engineering, […]

Jan 21
Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Engineering is a training stream that involves applying science, technology and mathematics, software, hardware and processes to innovate, design, develop and maintain machinery, structures and systems. Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India. This area offers a variety of career opportunities across all industries, making it one of the most popular courses for class 12 students, […]

Jan 19
Top Universities for Engineering in New Zealand

In this article, “Top Universities for Engineering in New Zealand”, we will tell you about the best colleges you can pursue your degree from. We will also tell you about the fee structure, duration, and various disciplines in which the course is offered. Top Universities for Engineering in New Zealand. Read on to find out […]

Jan 19
All you need to know: Manipur University

North-East is famous for its culture. But culture can be more enhanced if citizens are educated. Don’t you feel the same? We also believe that education is the most powerful weapon in the world. With this we are writing this article on Manipur University and all the aspects related to it. So, what are we […]

Jan 16
Best Colleges for B.Tech in Computer Science

Best Colleges for B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is a four-year academic programme that combines computer science and engineering. The programme preliminary focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming and networking, it also covers a wide range of topics. Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai Stanford University University of Oxford ETHZürich, Zürich, Switzerland Carnegie […]

Jan 16
Top 10 B.E Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Bachelor of Engineering, or B.E., is an undergrad highly qualified program devoted exclusively to engineering. The period of a B.E. program is 4 years so if the applicant has enlisted in the incorporated dual course it attains five years. B.E. is treated in a semi-traditional manner and is evenly distributed across 8 or 10 semesters. […]

Jan 06
Bms College Of Engineering

The BMS College of Engineering is an independent private institution. The college is ranked among the top 100 engineering schools in India by NIRF. 13 UG, 16 PG, and Ph.D. courses in engineering and management are available at BMS College of Engineering. The BTech programme is the institute’s main offering. Candidates for admission must receive […]

Sep 12
Top 10 MBA Colleges in UK

A Master of Business Administration is a degree program concentrating on business administration as well as investment management. The core subjects in an MBA programme involve different aspects of business administration such as accounting, implemented statistics, human resource management, corporate communication, ethics, company law, corporate strategy, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply-chain management, and […]