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5 reasons – Meet a Career Counsellor After Your 10th Class CBSE Result

More than 90% of school-going students have never had an encounter with counsellors of any kind, let alone career counsellors. Many young individuals often have embedded in their minds what they want to achieve in life, courtesy of the pressure they face from family and society alike. They work to their bones to secure a good percentage in their board exams only to be carried away by what others want from them, but they should not.Here is article for Class 10th

Choosing what to do should be a decision solely made by the student based on their evaluation of themselves and their traits. Of course, they must take advice from other more learned and experienced people but in the end, it should ultimately be their decision. But the problem arises when students do not know much about themselves at all and hence are at crossroads, in such cases the answer to their questions can be found in a career counsellor. In this article, we mention the reasons why you need to meet a career counsellor can help you. after 10th CBSE Board result class or writing your board exams.

Evaluate your competence

Career Counsellors are trained individuals who are experts in analyzing your strengths and your capabilities, how good you are at them, how much interest you have in each of these strengths, and so on. This is achieved through extremely detailed and comprehensive tests that are conducted on the students as well as just observing and talking to them. They help the students in finding and identifying their potential and tell them how to grow this sector by engaging in activities of their interests. Counsellors often find new and innovative ways to challenge students into growing their strengths in a way that can help them do and achieve more. Once the students know where their strengths lie, it is easier for them to make decisions.

Comprehends your weakness

Just like evaluating strengths and things you are good at, counsellors help you realize where you lack, both in personal life and professional life. You might think you are cut for a business-related job solely based on securing good marks in a business test. But counsellors help you see further than that and make students realize that although their knowledge in the subject is good, they lack the communication skills required for the said job. After the student realizes their shortcoming, it may be a hard pill for them to swallow and counsellors work their magic yet again to help candidates come to terms with their weaknesses and even suggest them ways to turn weaknesses and failure to strengths and success. Here you can take an idea to meet a career counsellor after the 10th CBSE result.

Suggest stream options based on Psychometric Tests

After conducting the necessary evaluation on many matters – strengths, likes, dislikes, capability, potential, weaknesses, interest – counsellors help you select subjects and streams that coordinate and match well with all those qualities. Being poor at math does not mean one has to opt for biology, it may simply mean they’re not good at advanced math and can perform exceedingly well if the math is relatively simple such as the one used in commerce subjects like accounts. This is just an example for the reader but, career counsellors with good experience help students with important life decisions that result in them being successful when they grow up. And based on the fact that they have evaluated you inside out, they surely can suggest a stream and subjects that are suitable for you.

Demonstrates career options

After successfully helping students in choosing a stream and their main and optional subjects, or at least helping them attain clarity, counsellors lay out the possible career options and job opportunities that a student can take up after completing their education. They even suggest college courses and exams take so you can achieve your dreams. Once you get suggestions and options from them, it is easier for you to choose a career path as you will be able to visualize yourself in different job roles and understand if they are well suited to you or not. This will not only help you in present but also ease the burden for when the day comes to choose your college, internship, or job in the future. Here you can take an idea to meet a career counsellor after the 10th CBSE result.

Motivate and Support you

Career counsellors know what kind of turmoil students go through when big, important decisions are thrown at them and they are expected to decide for themselves and their whole life. It is easy to ruin one’s life by making a wrong, hasty decision and students should never be held accountable for that as they are merely 14-16-year-olds who do not have the capacity to make such decisions. Rather, they should be advised and guided, supported, and motivated in the choices they make. And if they fail to make the right choice, they should be let known that mistakes happen all the time and it is never too late to start over. Counsellors are not only good at giving advice but understand how the minds of teenagers work and are able to provide deeper, more meaningful support to students when they fail to receive it among their family and friends. Here you can take an idea to meet a career counsellor after the 10th CBSE result.

Stream Selector™:

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