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8 tips to choose humanities after 10th class

Most of the students get confused about which stream to choose after class 10th. While a majority of the advice which you will hear from elders is that you should choose science stream after Class 10th or in few cases commerce, very rare is the situation where you will listen favourably about humanities, popularly known as arts, stream.

But what is the reason? The main reason behind this notion is that the science stream is the oldest stream which is opened for students from a long time back. Commerce stream opened up a little bit later while the humanities stream gained the ground some time back. The dilemma of selecting a stream after class 10th is definitely a crucial decision. Since humanities stream has gained wide popularity, below are the tips to choose humanities after class 10th.

Subject's umbrella

Gone are the days when people used to think that there is no scope in choosing humanities stream. Today, one of the most popular streams which are spreading its territory worldwide is the humanities stream. The student who loves to read different concepts can choose this stream after their class 10th. Since class 10th is considered to be the first major turning point in every student’s life, it is considered to be their first decision to analyse their interests and choose accordingly. Humanities stream, which you can choose after class 10th, provides us with a range of different subjects such as History, Political Science, Geography, Design, Multimedia and so on.

Plethora of opportunities

Humanities stream provides a plethora of opportunities to those who want to grab it and make use of it. Choosing humanities stream after class 10th opens you up to an unending ocean of opportunities where you can swim as far as you want and do not need to bend to just one way. The plethora of opportunities provides you with the profession of law, civil services, fashion designing, hotel management and so on. You can choose from thousands of opportunities as the roads, obviously more than the science and commerce stream, opens if you choose humanities after class 10th.

Albert Einstein's creativity

You must have heard Albert Einstein’s view on creativity. He wrote, “Creativity is about seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” If you want to turn your hobbies or your creativity into your profession, where you can do everything with an interest, you should opt for humanities after class 10th. This stream facilitates overall development in students. You will have a good source of good and healthy imagination and will be able to increase your dedication to your future. You can use your creativity in the journalism field or your creativity in designing, it totally will be dependent on you. No one will be able to hold you back.

Hats off communication

If you believe that you can communicate with anyone easily and have the power of deliverance, then you don’t need to have any more doubts. You can choose humanities as your stream after class 10th with full confidence. Communication skills are such a set which gets developed to a high level while you choose this stream. If you want your views to be known by the world or you are proud of your communication skills, you can go for this field, either under journalism or any news field or law or so on.

Modern reality

If you choose humanities as a stream after class 10th, then it will be like you are studying the real world and its features, not just the theoretical part. Yes, choosing humanities after class 10th can help you to understand what is actually happening out there with their complete structure. You can understand the real situation of the world before stepping into it by choosing this stream. So tip number 5 is for you if you feel that you want to connect to the world and choose humanities as your stream after class 10th.

Challenge lovers

If you want to make decisions and act as representatives, it is evident that you need hard work and time. This hard work and time are termed as challenges. The level of these challenges varies from level to level based on the task you want to take up. If you feel that you have the leadership skills, then you must know that to attain the position of a leader, whether representing a small group at a small level or a larger group at a large level. This tip no 6 is for those who love challenges and want to explore the world’s reality. If you think, you are a challenge lover, then you can go for humanities stream after class 10th.

Understand society

If you want to be an active part of the social system, you first need to understand its structure and its working style. If you think you want to be an active social bird, then tip no 7 is for you. Humanities stream tells us about social, economic, political as well as the humanitarian perspective of all the activities, events and the happenings going around the society. It creates a base for you on which you can build up your thoughts and views. If you think this is the apt reason, then you must go and choose this stream after your class 10th.

Become "international"

Do you have an interest in learning about not just the native place or country but also about the world? If yes, then this last tip is going to your reason to choose humanities stream after class 10th. Humanities stream not only teaches you about the prospects of one country but it also teaches you about the worldly structure, it’s working, its phenomenon and its sufferings as well as achievements. If you think you want to learn new things about the whole world, then you can go for this field and pursue all the things which you want for your life.

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